What are the Principles for Use of Prime One?

By using Prime One you will experience the most effective health-enhancing phytonutrient, herbal plant products ever developed. Prime One represent the culmination of 45 years of scientific research by the late Dr. Israel Brekhman, a scientist who studied hundreds of plants to uncover the seven remarkable herbal plants in this formulas.

This food supplements can be thought of as a collection of super vegetables-balanced as only nature can provide. Dr. Brekhman selected only those plants which could naturally protect human cells and organs from internal and external toxins and stresses. These substances also have the remarkable ability to help normalize and restore cell and organ function. Additionally, they are totally safe and non-toxic, like any widely used substances must be.

How long does it take to feel the difference?

Since Prime One has a complex balance of plant nutrients (phytonutrients), they provide a wide range of health benefits no drug can achieve. Think of them as super vegetables that will start exerting their protective and restorative effects from the first serving. And the beneficial effects improve with long-term use. A study among 3,000-4,000 factory workers who took a serving of Prime One for seven years, showed less and less illness with each year of use.

How long it takes to feel the difference really varies from person to person. Some will notice an effect in the first few days. Others will notice subtle but real effects in three to eight weeks, depending on a wide variety of variables including weight, age, state of health, diet, amount of stress and genetic profile. So, whether your experience Prime Oneis dramatic, or subtle, or invisible, these formulas are always working to help you be your best.

PRINCIPLE #1: You should find your own ideal serving.

We all differ in age, weight, genetic makeup, state of health, and daily stress level. Precisely because adaptogens do work, it is worth the effort to find the amount that works best for you.

Most people do best with the suggested serving size-but some take less and some take more. With adaptogens, more is not necessarily better, but is entirely safe.

Prime One is completely non-toxic. So if you take too much, you would probably just feel tired. If you do experience fatigue, just take less the next time.

You may want to adjust the time of day to take Prime One. Most people take it in the morning, but some people prefer the afternoon. Some take half in the morning and half in the afternoon, and a few even take Prime One' at bedtime.

Finding your ideal serving size and time of day may take a little while-but be patient. Adjust and experiment ... and most important-listen to your own body.

PRINCIPLE #2: You may want to vary your serving size during stressful times.

This depends on changes in your daily stress level, health challenges, or lifestyle changes. If you think you need more or less, try it. Again, listen to your own body at these particular times to find what feels right for you.

PRINCIPLE #3: If you experience any adjustment reactions during the first few days, take less, but don't stop!

Prime One helps the body balance itself. This is a healing process and every body responds differently. Some people may be highly responsive to adaptogens, especially at first. They may experience some signs of adjustment-such as fatigue, headache, GI upset. This can be a normal part of the balancing process.

Adaptogens allow the body to release impurities. So any mild effects such as diarrhea can be evidence that Prime One is taking hold and starting the normalizing process. If this happens, take less but do not stop. With Prime One cut back to 1 teaspoon a day. Drink plenty of water. As your body adjusts you can gradually increase your serving portion.

Listen to your own body to find what works for you. Prime One were designed as products for people of all ages. Depending on your body, your circumstances, and how your body adapts, the range of serving size can vary from 1 teaspoon to six tablespoons daily.

Remember this !! 
It is often what you don't feel that indicates Prime One is really working . . . when you don't feel stress, anxiety, muscle aches and pains. Even if you're in perfect health and feel nothing - it is still worth taking Prime One to protect your cells and organs from the numerous stresses that surround us in today's world.