Why choose Nordic Naturals?

Nordic Natural's only focus is to ensure delivery of ultra pure, fresh and health promoting omega essential fatty oils that have a taste great, and are free from any environmental toxins. All Nordic Natural's products are manufactured in Norway where they adhere to the highest manufacturing standards that guarantee exceptional purity and freshness of all theri supplements. 

Nordic Naturals only uses wild fish like arctic cod, mackerel, sardines, and anchovies. They are low on the food chain which minimizes the potential of impurities. They are also and naturally high in Omega 3 EFAs essentail fatty acids. They have developed and patented natural fruit flavored capsules in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, in particular, small chewable strawberry capsules ideal for children, and even liquids.

They make exceptionally high quality fish oils in their natural triglyceride form to maximize absorption and results. Their goal is to keep the oil's natural constituents to the greatest degree possible. In addition to EPA and DHA, Nordic Natural's formulas also include Docosapentaenoic Acid (DPA, C22:5n-3), Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA, 18:3n-3), as well as some monounsaturated and saturated fats found naturally in the oil.

The most common fish oils are the "18/12" oils, which are 18% EPA and 12% DHA. This formula is ideal for maintaining healthy levels of the key nutrients EPA and DHA. Since it is already in its natural form, an 18/12 oil does not need to be molecularly distilled, unless its source is impure. Flash distillation, a gentle and leading-edge oil processing technique, cleanses the oil while leaving the molecules untouched.

For higher concentrations, molecular distillation is used to increase the levels of the two key fatty acids EPA and DHA. High concentrates can be in their natural triglyeride form or in an ethylester form. Nordic Naturals uses only the triglyceride form of fatty acids since they offer higher stability and bioavailability. Concentrates lend themselves well for specific therapeutic dosing.

In the example of pregnant and lactating women, a concentrated DHA supplement can easily meet a woman's need for brain and nervous system support, without the vasodilation effect of EPA. Higher EPA formulations target heart health and immune system support. Concentrations of both EPA and DHA are ideal for protocols that may require high dosages of Omega-3 in a balanced form.

EFA Essential Fatty Acid Benefits:
EPA - Healthy heart and immune support

EPA builds prostaglandin PGE-3, which is anti-inflammatory and promotes vasodilation.

DHA- Healthy mind, nervous system and visual acuity

DHA is needed for pregnant or lactating women, children's developing brain and nervous systems, periods of high mental stress and any signs of forgetfulness.
Both EPA and DHA maintain membrane flexibility, which supports the cellular intake of nutrients, and the elimination of toxins. EPA and DHA contribute to structural parts of the cells and facilitate electrical channels on the membrane (neural transmission).

GLA - Healthy skin, hair and hormones

Evening Primrose Oil and Borage Oil supply different ratios of GLA (Omega-6) and are rich in Omega-9, otherwise known as Oleic Acid.
GLA nourishes the skin and promotes prostaglandin PGE-1, which is also anti-inflammatory.
Many doctors prefer to supply GLA with a fish oil to maximize the health promoting enzymatic pathways and prevent serum buildup of pro-inflammatory Arachidonic Acid.

Nordic Naturals History

Nordic Naturals originated in Arctic Norway. This is where their founder, Joar Opheim was raised. Where he grew up fish oil is a part of everyday life. Then in the 1980's when he left there he came to California to study. Joar couldn't find the quality of fish oil anywhere that he was used to. He was inspired by his personal experience to start developing many patented fish oil technologies. He evaluated flavor and taste, as well as how it was delivered and processed.

So it was that Nordic Naturals was born. It was based on all the things that Joar had learned. They use ethical and socially responsible practices. They are environmentally conscious. They are proud of their focus on their philanthropic partnerships, corporate transparency, and how they stress education.

They are actively involved in peer-reviewed clinical studies that are recognized by many leading experts all over the world. Nordic Naturals has more than 150 products that have many different flavors and a variety of concentrations. They are consistently selected by independent research institutions and universities like NIH, National Institutes of Health, Harvard University, Columbia University, Stanford University, Duke University, UCLA, and Cedar-Sinai Medical Center. They have 25 studies published, including 15 clinical research studies, and over 30 in progress. They sell their line of essential fatty acids supplements in over 30 different countries all over the world.