How Is Mercury (and Other Tixins) Removed From The Fish Oil?

Molecular distillation removes impurities (heavy metals, dioxins, etc.), saturated fats, and other undesirable organic compounds. Molecular distillation is gentle with exceptionally low heat residence time and is performed in a vacuum to further reduce heat requirement. All time and temperature specifications are proprietary, but we can assure you that no trans fats are created during any of our distillation processes. Any potential impurities and saturated fats are distilled out of the oil, leaving only the key beneficial components of the fish oil. Flash distillation accomplishes the same thing as molecular distillation, but utilizes steam rather than a vacuum. The process used depends on the intended concentration of the fish oil. Molecular distillation is used for all of our fish oil products. Flash distillation is used for our non-concentrated fish oils. Independent lab results consistently show that these processing techniques deliver oils of exceptional quality and freshness. Certificates of Analysis are available upon request.