VSL#3 Probiotics 60 caps (2 pack) 112.5 Billion Strains

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Improve your digestion fast, with safe, easy to take good bacteria or probiotics.

VSL#3 works in the gut in 3 different ways:

  • Helps establish microbial balance
  • Helps support the layer of mucus that prevents harmful bacteria from sticking in the gut
  • Helps stimulate the bodys natural response to harmful bacteria
  • VSL#3 Has been widely used for over 15 years and is recommended by 8 gastroenterology associations, including the American College Of Gastroenterology and Triennial Yale/Harvard workshop.
  • Recommended by physicians nation and world wide.

Save when you buy this 2 Pack of VSL#3 Capsules.

VSL is now dairy free.

  • VSL#3 is not shipped on Thursdays or Fridays due to the refrigeration. If you would like us to ship this product on these days, please place your order and email us or call us to pre-arrange shipment