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Why Perfect Pass Prebiotics?


Perfect Pass Prebiotic Testimonials

Perfect Pass Prebiotic PHGG

I started taking this prebiotic because a friend recommended it. It has really helped keep me regular. No more  laxatives, it really works.

June R, Sacramento, CA

I had a flare up of my Ulcerative colitis symptoms. I took4 tablespoons 2 times a day for a week and the flare up calmed done, just like that! I couldn’t believe it. Now I take it every day.

Patricia M, West Orange, NJ

This PHGG is definitely different to the other prebiotics that I’ve taken. I had a lot of gas and bloating when I took FOS or even when I ate fermented foods. But this one agrees with me. I think it’s really much better than the others.

Bianca D, Bisbee, AZ

I had never heard of partially hydrolyzed guar gum before. I was a little nervous to try it at first. But thanks to Dr Pam, she assured me that it would help regulate my bowel movements and it did. I was very surprised. I take It all the time now.

Brett Z, Chicago, IL

Since I started using this prebiotic every day, my digestion is much better. I don’t take anything else other than these prebiotics every day now.

Eleanor T, San Clemente, CA

I like taking this powder because I can’t taste it or smell it. That’s so nice because I have such a sensitive nose. it’s easy to take and it works.

Boris J, Biloxi, MS

Because I follow orthodox traditions, it is often very difficult for me to find supplements that I can take. It was a blessing to find this powder. I have started giving it to my whole family now.

Hannah C, New York NY

I don’t have hard stools anymore. I highly recommend Perfect Pass Prebiotics.

Jeff K. Omaha NB

I’m so happy that I came across this. I had never actually tried prebiotic supplements before. This product is great with lots of benefits. It helps get rid of things that can damage your digestive tract. I found that it was good for my gas and bloating as well.

Chris C, San Francisco, CA

It’s not always easy for me to tell if anything actually works or not. But, so far, it’s been very positive. I don’t get any upset stomachs, or headaches from taking PHGG. I’m all in for these as now I can really see that it helps with my bowel movements! Seems to be working so far

James W, London UK

I have SIBO. I’m thrilled to have found some kind of product that will help to support my digestive function. I am able to take both Perfect Pass Prebiotic and Probiotic at the same time and it does not promote the growth of back bacteria in my small intestine.

Jenny K, La Jolla CA

I was finally diagnosed with having SIBO – I started taking PHGG and I was really surprised to notice how my digestion improved slowly over a few weeks of taking it regularly every day. I was taking large doses to start but now I am taking 1 scoop twice a day and that seems to do the trick. What a find. No more gas and bloating.

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