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VSL#3-A True Probiotic by Definition

What is the Definition of a True Probiotic?

The most up to date definition of a probiotic says that it needs to ‘confer a benefit to the host.’

VSL#3 is a medical food that helps with ulcerative colitis and pouchitis even after discontinuing treatment.

There have been over 120 human clinical trials using VSL#3. Studies show that it performs like a protective shield in the gut. In one study done by the Dept. Of Gastroenterology and Human Nutrition at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, patients with microscopic colitis taking VSL#3 maintained benefits after discontinuing therapy.

How Does VSL#3 Work?

The way that VSL3 works is by colonizing the intestines with lots of different types of probiotic bacteria. What happens is that these good bugs stick to the walls of the intestines and this is what creates a barrier. It is this barrier that helps to protect the inner layer of the intestine from bad bacteria. When these bad bacteria give off toxins, it can cause the number of good bacteria to diminish.

Actually, there are literally thousand of billion of bacteria in the gut. We call them commensal organisms. The way that we can change the composition of the intestinal flora in a positive way is by taking extremely large amounts of good bacteria.

VSL#3 is a probiotic formula that gives enough bacteria to beneficially affect the gut flora in people with many intestinal disorders.




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