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That’s So Retrograde Podcast


Last week I went to Los Angeles to meet Elizabeh Kott and Stephanie Simbari who co-host a weekly podcast, ‘That’s So Retrograde’.

Elizabeth Koon Stephanie SimbariStephanie is a comedian, actress and bonafide yogini. She can be seen in the critically acclaimed indie film ‘Coldwater,’ hosting Glamour.com’s ‘Why Do Guys,’ and will be on Oxygen’s newest comedy ‘Funny Girls’ this spring. She was originally from New York, but lives in Los Angeles now. She says her mantra is ..love yourself and the rest will follow.

Elizabeth, the second host of That’s So Retrograde podcast, hails from Detroit but is also living in Los Angeles now where she runs her online fashion consignment brand, Closet Rich. Stylist, creative strategist, writer, producer and host are just a few of her most worn hats. Her mantra is …be your own guru.

As they say on their ‘That’s So Retrograde’ website, “Through interviewing gurus of all types, Elizabeth & Steph, get to the bottom of how to find their best-selves. Or their most okay-selves. Or just themselves. Whatever.”

What a pleasure it was to meet them. It was very clear how interested they were in hearing what I had to say. We discussed the benefits of Perfect Pass Probiotics and Perfect Pass Prebiotics at length and why these supplements were so important as a simple way to keep our digestive systems functioning optimally. They were intrigued to find out about prebiotics, a supplement they were not familiar with. Enjoy.

That's So Retrograde Gut Instincts Podcast with Pamela Nathan

That’s So Retrograde – Gut Instincts Podcast with Pamela Nathan


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