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Perfect Pass Vitamins

This one a day probiotic has been so effective, after one month of taking it, I finally felt “normal” again! I have been dealing with inflammation and pain for half my life and I am finally pain free!! – Tammy Grassi

This probiotic is  a superior healing product! The Customer Service is outstanding! Not just fast shipping, one on one conversions with Tammi! She is kind, professional. – Lizz

This probiotic has been so effective. – Ava

Love that this probiotic is only 1 cap per day..taking with prebiotics and my gut feels healed and strong again. – Anonymous
I couldn’t figure out why there was only 3 billion strains and not a lot more like many other probiotics in this formula. Thanks for explaining that I only need 3 billion bacillus strains because  I have 2 billion usually so this is a therapeutic dose – all in one little capsule, great!. – Penny K

Since I started taking this new probiotic in therapeutic doses, I no longer have inflammation and stomach pain.
– Sandi L

Now that I’ve read more about the Human Microbiome I understand why these are the probiotics I want to take. – Karen

I  can’t wait to receive the first order of human strain probiotics – I know this is the way to go now! – Evelyn L

I would recommend this probiotic product to my friends. – Kevin K

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