The Truth About Cancer

The Truth about CancerMy colleague writes:


Ty BollingerDo listen to ‘The Truth About Cancer’ series of documentaries wherein Ty Bollinger traveled around the world interviewing Natural Health Practitioners, Naturopaths, and Cancer Survivors using natural therapies,

– there were 9 Episodes of about 1 ½ hours each that played for free, each playing online for 24 hours only for 9 days straight.

One can now purchase the series to watch online, or to acquire them in DVD format (with full transcripts) by going to

I watched them all each day for 9 days straight. They were fantastic, and millions of Americans watched them. So the word is out about the criminals in white coats using their Cut, Poison, & Burn protocols for cancer… and other ailments as well.

Episode #1 and #4 were the most interesting for me, but all were truly enlightening