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How To Get the Most Out Of Your At Home Gut Test.

A yearly gut test is a really good idea if you want to know things about what resides in your gut. Your gut health is the most essential component to disease prevention and longevity.

What's in your gut?Your immune system lives in your gut, and most importantly your body’s ability to produce hormones is affected by your gut. Essentially you need to make sure it’s running properly before you have any symptoms. That’s why a yearly gut test ought to be done as a check up. 

A great test to take for yearly maintenance is the Doctors Data Comprehensive Stool Analysis Test.  or Genova Labs’ Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis.

Maybe you have constipation, gas, bloating, brain fog, diarrhea or chronic stomach pain. This could be due to a bacteria, yeast or a fungal overgrowth, or maybe even a parasite that you picked up on your travels. A gut test will also indicate that you may have a bacteria imbalance and need more good bacteria. We suggest Genova Comprehensive Parasitology or Doctors Data Comprehensive Parasitology Test. Both companies offer similar labs.

If you’ve already had a gut test and found your good bacteria levels to be low you may have started taking prebiotics and probiotics. If it’s been at least three months since you’ve been taking them, now is a good time to recheck.

You want to make sure that your probiotics are working to bring in more good bacteria and it’s actually taking up residency in your gut. A gut recheck ought to be a way to ensure that you’re taking the right probiotic for you and also let you know if you need prebiotic fiber to fertilize the probiotic.

If your previous assessment results have shown that you have candida, and you followed a protocol and change of diet, you can retest to make sure the protocol has worked and the candida is under control.  At this point you will know if you should continue with the protocol.

Do you know that there is a specific parasite test? There’s a great one from Genova Diagnostics. 

If you tested positive for parasites you most likely followed a protocol to cleanse the digestive tract and then recolonized your gut and strengthened your immune system. Once the treatment protocol is finished you need to retest to ensure the parasites are gone.   

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Know someone who suffers from IBS ? Send them this.

Do you know someone who suffers from IBS?

Genova Lab microbiology and parasitology test for IBSIrritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a disorder that affects the large intestine. Surprisingly, a ton of Americans suffer from the cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation associated with IBS.

Here’s what’s really alarming:

  • it’s estimated that 10% to 15% of Americans have IBS (between 25 and 45 million people in the United States)
  • about 1 in 3 females are affected
  • about 20% to 40% of all visits to gastroenterologists are due to IBS symptoms

It’s a massive problem.

Unfortunately, patients’ symptoms can remain unresolved for many years.

In those cases, I recommend my patients investigate possible root causes of the symptoms.


My first step is almost always a simple home stool test.

It’s called the Genova Lab Comprehensive Microbiology & Parasitology Profile (CP).

The test is run over 3 days and the samples are sent directly from your home to the lab. Then it takes about 2 weeks before you get the results back.

Genova Labs uses the most up-to-date testing procedures to analyze your samples, and then they go an extra step further to help solve your IBS.

See, when they find any ‘bad’ bacteria or yeast, they are able to grow them out in the lab so that they can identify which natural and medical agents can be used to help control their overgrowth.

You get a personalized insight into why you have IBS – and what will solve your situation.

Here’s what’s really great:

The test’s Microbiology evaluation also looks at the levels of good bacteria you have.

As you know, the most important aspect of a strong microbiota is diversity. If your own microbiome diversity is weak, then this testing will tell you whether taking prebiotics and probiotics on a regular basis will encourage the growth of your natural microbiota and make a difference to your IBS.

Genova Labs is the test I personally use because it’s technically advanced.

It’s Comprehensive Parasitology and Microbiology test profile can accurately identify protozoal parasites, including amoebae, flagellates, ciliates, coccidian, and microsporidia.

These specimens are carefully analyzed by highly-trained technicians who use computer-enhanced microscopy, new staining procedures, and advanced immuno-assay techniques.

So –

If you have digestive discomfort like IBS, and you’re not sure about the makeup of your gut, you owe it to yourself to see a comprehensive view of what’s going on in your microbiome.

Very often, it’s the overgrowth of pathogens that are the root cause of IBS symptoms.

This test tells you which organisms they are and then how to treat them, along with a complete profile of what’s going in your microbiome.

Here’s a link to a sample report you’ll get with your results.

The bottom line is this:

It doesn’t make sense to suffer from digestive discomfort for years, if you don’t know the underlying causes of your symptoms.

That’s why this August only, you can save $15 on your home lab test with Good Gut Solution.

Just use the coupon code GENOVA15

Discover the underlying cause of your symptoms with the Genova Lab Comprehensive Microbiology & Parasitology Profile:


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To Your Success,
Dr. Pamela Nathan

PS The underlying cause of your IBS may be different than another patient’s – even with the same symptoms.

When you get better, you can look back on the time you had digestive discomfort, and you’ll be so glad you made an investment to “look under the hood” and discover the real problem affecting you.

I believe in the Genova Lab Profile because it’s helped hundreds of my patients alleviate their symptoms.

Take the first step to solving your discomfort:


PPS Remember, you can save $15 in August with the coupon code GENOVA15

This home test helps you learn the underlying causes of your digestive symptoms, with an easy home test that you send to highly-trained lab technicians who analyze your results and send you a report.

Don’t miss out:  Here’s the link:

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