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Solar Cooking is Convenient and Energy Efficient

Solar cooking with Sun Oven is one of the best ways to cook hot meals.

Sun Oven Solar Cooker, sustainable for the environment

Sun Oven Solar Cooker

Have You heard About Solar Cooking?

Basically it’s a really convenient way to cook off the grid. I recently went on a a camping trip and brought my sun oven with to try it out. The first day my group of friends and I made quinoa  and black beans. I can’t even tell you how easy it was. We set the sun oven up before going on a day hike and when we returned, presto we had very little prep to do other than combine some fresh veggies with our perfect hot meal. It’s so simple to do.  Before we left on our trip I had googled a few different solar cooking sites and found some easy recipes to try out. Now instead of bringing dehydrated food on camping trips, Im brining along my solar cooking Sun Oven. I know I’ve just scratched the surface on solar cooking with my quinoa and beans. Some of the recipes I saw on you tube had recipes for cooking a whole chicken, brownies and even baked bread.

Amazon has some great recipe book options too.

While we were camping I found it convenient for boiling water to make hot coffee in the morning and to pasteurize water for drinking and washing up.

Some other great uses for the Sun Oven are to use it at beach picnics, or even just to reduce energy costs at home instead of turning on your oven. I think it’s great to have in my Emergency Kit in case any unplanned emergency or power failures happen.

Click here to check out more information on the Sun Oven and find out more about solar cooking.

You can use your sun oven in many different ways:

– cook everyday in your backyard

– use at picnics

– great to use when out on a camping trip

– if need be, during a power failure or any unplanned emergency

Give solar cooking a try today. The Sun Oven is safe, reliable and sustainable to the environment.

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