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Emmanuel Jal The Good Lie

JalDVD-CoverIt was September 2013 that I met Emmanuel Jal personally in San Diego. I was so impressed by this astounding young man, whose life story made my hair stand on end.. The most delightful and unexpected part of this encounter was that I learned that Jal was extremely health conscious and particularly aware of keeping his pH well in balance to counteract the negative effects he experienced when constantly travelling from one time zone to the next.

Emmanuel Jal’s interview

Watch the interview and hear what he has to say about how he manages to stay healthy.

Just last night I watched the trailer of an upcoming movie called ‘The Good Lie’ due to be released in theaters on Oct 3rd, 2014. Reese Witherspoon is the leading actress. Yes, Emmanuel Jal is one of the actors in the movie and yes, this is really his life experience!

If you haven’t heard his music, he’s all over YouTube. The name of the CD that I have is called See Me Mama – it’s wonderful. I play it all the time,

Can’t wait to see the movie – maybe I will be able to interview Jal again when he returns to California and possibly even set up some concerts for him in San Diego next year.



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