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Prebiotics and Probiotics, the Perfect Couple.

Prebiotics and Probiotics are undoubtedly the Perfect Couple.

Let me tell you why I say that Prebiotics and Probiotics are the perfect couple. They really do go hand in hand to help keep your digestive system functioning optimally.

We know that probiotic foods are very importantt to keep our gut healthy. What we didn’t know until recently, was how important it was to be incorporating prebiotics as well. They help feed our probiotics. By combining them together, we can accomplish better results. Our western diets, generally don’t include prebiotics every day.

When we don’t include prebiotics, unfortunately, this can often lead to indigestion, potential weight gain, increase in inflammation anywhere in the body and even a higher chance of developing chronic disease.

Here are the foods that have high amounts of prebiotics:

  • acacia gum (or gum arabic)
  • raw chicory root
  • raw Jerusalem artichokes
  • raw or cooked onions
  • raw leeks
  • raw garlic
  • raw dandelion greens
  • raw jicama

What Are Prebiotics?

Prebiotic is soluble fiber that is actually not digested. They are like high fiber foods in that pass through the upper part of the digestive tract and stay undigested because humans aren’t able to break them down. So they pass through the small intestine, undigested and then they reach the colon. This is where they’re fermented by microbiota found naturally in the gut.

Initially, prebiotics weren’t regarded as fiber compounds. However, our recent research has shown us that these compounds act in exactly the same way as other forms of fiber. Now we know that galactans, are one of the most effective forms of prebiotics that are fermented by anaerobic bacteria in the large intestine.

Why is it best to take Prebiotics and Probiotics to Optimize Gut Health?

We have known about the benefits of probiotics for meany years now. However, fermented foods like kimchi, kombucha and sauerkraut, which are great sources of prebiotics, are still not known to the population at large.

The role of fiber in many plants are very important for the absorption of nutrients that keep the digestive tract healthy. Prebiotics, together with probiotics, open the door for heightened levels of health in general, so everyone is encouraged to include more of them in their diets. Its the prebiotics that are the nutrient ‘fertilizer’ for the beneficial, good bacteria that live in your gut.

Prebiotics work together with probiotics.

They provide the breeding ground to encourage the growth of good bacteria. This results in many positive changes to occur in both the activity and the composition of the gut.

A healthy gut is made up of a diversity of intestinal bacteria. Prebiotics provide fuel for all natural microbiota and so encourage diversity. This is the fundamentally significant characteristic of a healthy digestive tract. All “good bacteria” can flouish, particularly the strains we have the most of, commonly known as lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidus (bifidobacteria).

It’s important to understand that the health of our digestive tract influences a lot of other functions in our bodies. Probiotics and prebiotics together help to reduce overall inflammation. This means that they reduce the risk of developing any chronic disease.

Not all prebiotics are the same. PHGG – partially hyrdrolyzed guar gum, a known galactommanan, is the optimal source.

Research shows the benefits of taking galactomannans in therapeutic doses.

How To Get the Most Out Of Your At Home Gut Test.

A yearly gut test is a really good idea if you want to know things about what resides in your gut. Your gut health is the most essential component to disease prevention and longevity.

What's in your gut?Your immune system lives in your gut, and most importantly your body’s ability to produce hormones is affected by your gut. Essentially you need to make sure it’s running properly before you have any symptoms. That’s why a yearly gut test ought to be done as a check up. 

A great test to take for yearly maintenance is the Doctors Data Comprehensive Stool Analysis Test.  or Genova Labs’ Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis.

Maybe you have constipation, gas, bloating, brain fog, diarrhea or chronic stomach pain. This could be due to a bacteria, yeast or a fungal overgrowth, or maybe even a parasite that you picked up on your travels. A gut test will also indicate that you may have a bacteria imbalance and need more good bacteria. We suggest Genova Comprehensive Parasitology or Doctors Data Comprehensive Parasitology Test. Both companies offer similar labs.

If you’ve already had a gut test and found your good bacteria levels to be low you may have started taking prebiotics and probiotics. If it’s been at least three months since you’ve been taking them, now is a good time to recheck.

You want to make sure that your probiotics are working to bring in more good bacteria and it’s actually taking up residency in your gut. A gut recheck ought to be a way to ensure that you’re taking the right probiotic for you and also let you know if you need prebiotic fiber to fertilize the probiotic.

If your previous assessment results have shown that you have candida, and you followed a protocol and change of diet, you can retest to make sure the protocol has worked and the candida is under control.  At this point you will know if you should continue with the protocol.

Do you know that there is a specific parasite test? There’s a great one from Genova Diagnostics. 

If you tested positive for parasites you most likely followed a protocol to cleanse the digestive tract and then recolonized your gut and strengthened your immune system. Once the treatment protocol is finished you need to retest to ensure the parasites are gone.   

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Perfect Pass Prebiotic & Probiotic Combo

Why take Perfect Pass Prebiotic and Probiotic Combo?

Perfect Pass Prebiotic and Probiotic

Perfect Pass prebiotic and probiotic combo is an ideal way to keep your microbiome healthy. We learned  many important facts from the Human Microbiome Project research.

We learned that one of the most important factors in keeping the microbiome healthy is by increasing the diversity of the microorganisms found in the gut. We used to think that it was Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidus strains that we needed to give because they are the most prevalent.

Now we know that’s not the way to go. We want diversity. We want all the different kinds of strains to grow.

Perfect Pass Prebiotics and Probiotics to exactly that.

Take together and improve diversity daily

Why take Bacillus spore probiotics?
It makes it much easier to take your daily probiotics that are therapeutic and effective. You only need to take 1 per day and it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

Here are the facts about Bacillus strains:

  • they’re 100% compatible with the paleo diet
  • they have a 100% survival rate through stomach acid and bile (no other probiotics can attest to this).
  • you don’t have to refrigerate these Spore Probiotics
  • you only need 1 per day
  • Plus, you only need to take more than what already exists in the gut to be beneficial – ie all that there is in ONE capsule is a therapeutic dose.

For example…
When you take 1 capsule of Perfect Pass Probiotic there are 3 billion strains of bacillus, You’re giving your gut about 1 billion more than you have, which is usually about 2 billions that you already have in your gut already.

Why use PHGG prebiotic?

Taking the prebiotic that is tasteless and odorless in a glass of water everyday is easy.

That means you really feel the difference in your health and symptoms because you’re promoting diversity of other strains besides lactobacillus and bifidus that have other digestive and overall health benefits.

New Probiotic Visbiome is Here

This new probiotic formulation is not really new at all. In fact, Professor Claudio De Simone invented the formulation in the mid-1990s, and it’s been on the market under the “VSL#3®*” brand name since 2003.  In early 2015, Professor De Simone began collaborating with ExeGi Pharma, LLC to produce Visbiome.  Visbiome  contains the same formulation as is found in the VSL#3®* probiotic blend as produced before January 31, 2016. VSL#3® is a registered trademark of, and is manufactured exclusively for, VSL Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Visbiome is manufactured exclusively for ExeGi Pharma, LLC and is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or distributed by VSL Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

That’s right, Visbiome contains the same probiotic blend, and is manufactured using the original production methods, that the Professor originally invented, but it is priced lower than VSL#3.

Visbiome ProbioticIf you have used VSL#3* for relief from digestive conditions then you know how effective it is.

Recently, Professor Claudio De Simone, released an informative open letter to healthcare practitioners . . . 

Visbiome Letter

Dear Colleagues,

As a healthcare practitioner caring for patients with complex conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis and ileal pouch, you know that prescribing multi-strain, high-potency probiotics can be an important tool in stabilizing your patients’ conditions. As a gastroenterologist and Associate Professor of Infectious Diseases at the Department of Medicine and Surgery of the University of L’Aquila in Italy, I am writing to update you on an important new development.

Nearly 25 years ago, I invented a high-potency probiotic formulation, which was later sold under the brand name, “VSL#3®*.” This brand name was registered as a trademark by VSL Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and my formulation has been sold for years as a medical food under that trademark.

Now, my proprietary formulation (the “De Simone Formulation”) is available under the trademarks, “Visbiome™” and “Visbiome™ Extra Strength.” Recently, I entered into a partnership with ExeGi Pharma, LLC to produce and commercialize my formula. Visbiome is manufactured for ExeGi Pharma, LLC and is not affiliated with, endorsed by, nor distributed by VSL Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

While I retain full ownership of the De Simone Formulation, VSL Pharmaceuticals, Inc. retains ownership of the “VSL#3®*” trademark. Because of this unusual situation, my goal is to ensure that doctors and patients have a clear understanding of the formulation found in Visbiome. You and your patients therefore should rest assured that Visbiome does indeed contain the De Simone Formulation (i.e., the same strains, in the same concentrations and proportions, and is therapeutically equivalent to the VSL#3®* probiotic blend produced before January 31, 2016).

As a scientist and physician, I am extremely proud of the vast amount of clinical data that has been gathered on the De Simone Formulation over the past 25 years. That is why I have worked to ensure absolute consistency in the manufacture of my formulation, now found in Visbiome.

Because ExeGi has adhered to the original composition of strains, methods of production (both fermentation and lyophilization), and strain ratios, you can be confident that the extensive body of research on the De Simone Formulation will be applicable to your clinical decision-making about whether Visbiome is right for your patients.

Many of you in the GI community have been generous over the years in sharing how the De Simone Formulation has helped many of your patients manage their conditions. This extraordinary record of therapeutic success has fueled my commitment to ensuring that your patients will have continued and expanded access to the formulation they have come to trust and depend on for a quarter century. For this reason, I’m very pleased to announce that ExeGi will be manufacturing the De Simone Formulation exactly as it has been produced for so many years.

Claudio De Simone, M.D., PhD

*VSL#3® is a registered trademark of VSL Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and is manufactured exclusively for, VSL Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Visbiome is manufactured exclusively for ExeGi Pharma, LLC and is not affiliated with, endorsed by, nor distributed by VSL Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Our Christmas Gift to You, our Valued Customer

PerfectPass Special

Our Christmas Gift to You, our Valued Customer.
We’re thrilled at the wonderful results our clients have reported during 2015, using both PerfectPass Prebiotics and PerfectPass Probiotics.

If you have not reaped the benefits from them already, you can do so now.

We see best results when both are used together for a 3 month period.

The positive changes are cumulative over that time. The prebiotic ‘fertilizes’ the microbiota, while the bacillus spore probiotics ‘weed’ out the bad bacteria. Both increase diversity! And that’s what makes for uniquely strong digestive function.

Our Christmas gift to you
….. buy ONE PerfectPass Prebiotic or PerfectPass Probiotic and receive a 10% discount ……buy THREE of either PefectPass Prebiotic or PerfectPass Probiotics and receive a 20% discount.

Special discounts are only available from December 24 2015 – January 2, 2016

Happy Holidays!

PerfectPass Special

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