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What Causes Inflammation in Crohn’s Disease?

Crohn’s sufferers have been told time after time that Crohn’s is an autoimmune disease and therefore the inflammation is caused by an aggressive immune response. David Watson’s article on what causes the inflammation in Crohn’s Disease is well worth a read – very different approach to most common information you see out there.
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Personal Relief Assistant for Pain Management
Have you heard about the Personal Relief Assistant?
It really is an incredible device that helps to control muscular pain anywhere in the body. The pain management PRA device was invented by Dr. Robert Milne MD, Nevada. Watch the short video on our website. The manufacturers offer a money-back guarantee…Read More about it.

Did You Know…

  • Bad moods are contagious? Emotions, particularly strong unpleasant ones, synchronize the emotion-processing networks in the frontal and mid-line regions of the brains of people in a group.
  • Bacteria turn sugar into lactic acid, which turns into plaque.
  • Smoking worsens menopause symptoms. Recent findings: Caucasian women who smoke are 56% more likely to have hot flashes than women who don’t smoke, and African-American women who smoke are 84% more likely to have hot flashes.


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