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Broad Spectrum Enzymes

Broad spectrum enzymes help to break down food particles from multiple sources such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and fiber so that the body can better digest and absorb nutrients. When the GI tract is not functioning properly the body cannot make enough enzymes to do this important job. The same is true as we age. With age, the body’s ability to make enzymes decreases.

Enzymes are known for their assistance in digestion, but they are also very effective for many other issues including the reduction of inflammation, assisting in detoxification, healing the GI tract, reducing allergies, and even improved cognitive abilities.

Behavioral Benefits

Enzymes are known to be very helpful for children with autism and ADHD. Parents have noticed improvements in behavior, better concentration, and increased language abilities.

Quality Supplements

Quality is important with enzymes as it is with all supplements. Broad spectrum digestive enzymes are taken just prior to eating a meal for their assistance in digestion. Good Gut solution has recently formulated a new, high quality product called Perfect Pass Digestive Enzyme that helps digest proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and cellulosic materials.

The product Trienza by Houston-Enzymes is another good choice. Trienza has the added benefit of DPP-IV, a very specific enzyme that is capable of breaking down the larger, and potentially more harmful proteins in wheat, (gluten) and dairy, (casein), products that can cause damage to the gut lining allowing toxins to get into the blood. These toxins trigger allergic reactions and make their way to the brain causing behavioral disorders. Trienza also comes in a chewable form for children and adults.

The importance of broad spectrum enzymes is that they assist with a multitude of different types of foods. This is helpful because we do not always know what our body is having trouble with digesting and causes of inflammation. Broad spectrum enzymes cover so many possibilities with one product.

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Perfect Pass Digestive Enzymes

Good Gut Solution Announces Perfect Pass Digestive Enzymes to the Rescue

Perfect Pass Digestive EnzymesDon’t you hate it when your digestion seems to be not working the way it should be?  You know what I’m talking about right?

Every time you eat your stomach hurts or maybe you have gas, bloating, nausea, heartburn, or constipation. Besides being inconvenient or even a little embarrassing sometimes, it can be a real pain. 

Perfect Pass Digestive Enzymes are here to save you from the suffering that goes along with poor digestion. 

How can we benefit from digestive enzymes?

  • Helps food digest
  • Increases nutrients absorbed into the body
  • Helps our foods to be used as fuel for our gut bacteria, (this means it will grow and multiply)
  • Kicks our digestion into high gear to deal with all the snacking, grazing and processed foods we eat

Why do we need Enzymes?

Digestive enzymes are typically secreted by our pancreas to break down the nutrients in our food. Enzymes are also found in the foods we eat. Sounds simple right? Actually, its not always so easy because when foods are processed they are stripped of their naturally occurring  enzymes. Our pancreas doesn’t always cooperate  and produce enough enzymes that are needed. 

 The Age Factor:

Unfortunately, people don’t always produce enough enzymes. We know that after the age of 40 our pancreas secretes smaller amounts, about 25% less. By the age of 70 you may only be producing one third of the amount of enzymes that you need. 

Heres the simple science behind these miracle molecules:

There are three main groups of enzymes that we need. Each has a task of breaking down the specific nutrients found in our diet; proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is the breakdown of these products which provide us with energy. The enzymes are, amylase for carbohydrates, lipase for fats (lipids) and protease for proteins. Our enzyme formula has all the enzymes needed and then some. Continue reading to see what I’m talking about.

 What makes our Perfect Pass Digestive Enzymes unique?

Our unique blend of high quality enzymes can be used two-fold. It will support healthy digestion when taken with meals by aiding in breaking down our fats, carbs and proteins. Secondly, it contains an additional enzyme called chymotrypsin. This may be hard to pronounce but what you need to know is that chymotrypsin is an enzyme which reduces inflammation to let the gut heal when taken between meals.

How can I get my hands on some enzymes?

I thought you’d never ask. We wanted our readers to have first dibs at our low introductory price of our newest product.  It’s always been our goal to bring you products that can help you get your gut into the best health possible. Use Coupon Code CPNDE16 and get an additional 10% discount off our already discounted price. Limited time offer.

The Digestive Enzyme formula is made to work synergistically with our Perfect Pass Prebiotic and Probiotic formulas as well as our brand new Immune Support Capsules.

If you want to optimize your gut health, use the Perfect Pass Gut Care Kit consisting of all four products to make sure you have all your bases covered. Click on the link and be on your way to a happier gut.

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Perfect Pass 4 Pack Care Kit



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