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Your Skin, Happier: The Benefits of Taking Probiotics

Benefits of Taking Probiotics
Whether it’s a job interview, a company conference, or your senior prom night – there are few thing that feel more catastrophic than a sudden breakout. There are plenty of contributing factors, and most chalk it up to stress. However, a breakout can also be an indication of a much deeper problem, especially if it continues long after that stressful work presentation.

We can point our fingers at dairy, sugar, or stress – but with all these factors, how do you figure out the best plan for your skin? Many are turning to a simple probiotic pill. It’s not a strange development – the benefits of taking probiotics have been proven to heal other ailments. Here’s why you should be thinking about taking probiotics to jumpstart your journey for better skin.

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Everything Comes Down to Poo: Pay Attention and Increase GI Health

Everything Comes Down to Poo


Your poo may be trying to tell you something. Are you flushing away the answer?

In all seriousness, faeces is one of the most underrated and valuable ways to see the state of your body’s GI health. But most people aren’t jumping to examine things after they go. We get it – it’s not exactly fun to examine (or pretty). But with the popularization of the book What’s Your Poo Telling You (not to be confused with Everybody Poops 410 Pounds a Year), featuring illustrations of different types of poo and explanations by a genuine medical professional, this is a topic that is trending. Everything comes down to poo!

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Pre & Probiotics in Food – and Why it’s Not Enough

Prebiotics and Probiotics in Food

You know yogurt is a good source of probiotics – but what about sauerkraut, dark chocolate, and artichokes? Surprisingly, these are all good sources of probiotics too. There are so many reasons why eating healthy is beneficial for your body, not only will you experience more energy when you eat “clean,” you’ll also probably lose weight and notice an improvement in the quality of your hair, nails, and skin.

On top of it all, probiotics in food (as well as prebiotics) benefit your gut and your whole digestive tract. However, trying to get all your probiotic and prebiotic benefits from food may not be as effective as a great probiotic or prebiotic supplement. But still, every little bit counts!

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Adios, Anxiety: How Your Stomach Bacteria Can Affect Your Brain

Adios Anxiety: How Stomach Bacteria Affects The Mind

Feeling stressed at work? How’s your stomach?

It may sound like a strange question, but believe it or not, the bacteria in your gut is emerging as a huge player in the way your body reacts to stress and other mental ailments. The groundbreaking Human Microbiome Project has given scientists new insight into the way your stomach bacteria can affect your brain functions.

It turns out your stomach could have more to do with your battles with depression than you might think. In fact, those diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder often have Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and reduced GI function, not to mention lowered good fatty acids. A good probiotic could be a big part of a comprehensive solution.

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Probiotic Supplements vs Yogurt: The Battle for Best Bacteria

Probiotics vs Yogurt

Whether you just heard about the benefits of probiotic bacteria, or you’ve known about it for years, you can expect to hear a lot more about it in the future. But before you frantically stock up on yogurt, miso soup, and tempeh – all foods that are known for their belly-calming probiotic benefits – consider the benefits of choosing a probiotic supplement over yogurt as your main source of good gut bacteria.

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