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Genetically Modified Foods (GMO)

What is a GMO?

A genetically modified food is one that has had its DNA changed. This is commonly done in laboratories. The purpose is often to make crops grow faster, or change the natural structure of a plant to create a different sort of plant altogether. This is very commonly done to wheat crops. The growing demand for processed foods raises the need for gluten. Gluten is the protein in wheat. It is used as the “glue” or binder of choice. Gluten is known to damage the lining of the digestive tract. Read more… 

Untitled design (28) (1)What is the Negative Impact of GMO’s?

Altering the natural state of foods creates compounds that the body cannot easily identify or digest. These foods are linked to allergies, neurological disorders, fatigue, depression, nausea, loss of mental clarity, and even cancer. Genetically modified foods or GMO’s effect the body’s sulfur metabolism which is involved in the ability to detoxify, and make important neurotransmitters, or brain messengers such as serotonin. Serotonin effects many things including mood, sleep and appetite.

Genetically modified foods are in everything including baby formula, (especially soy-based). Soy products are incredibly high in GMO’s, and they have been linked in studies to anxiety and aggressive behavior. Genetically modified foods are also in farm-raised fish (from the grain they are fed), dairy, and many other grains.

In one study, rats fed with GMO foods were antisocial, irritable and aggressive. Those that were fed with non-GMO foods were calm, and did not express the other characteristics. Pigs were shown to contain the same type of results. When re-started on non-GMO feed these behaviors reduced significantly.

In 1999, The Lancet, which is the world’s leading general medical journal published a study on rats that were fed potatoes loaded with GMO. In less than ten days their stomach lining had become much thinner and had weakened substantially. Similar evidence has been seen in other livestock fed with GMO feed. This raises the concern of what it is doing to the intestinal tract in humans.

These symptoms are comparable to those of children on the autism spectrum. When the lining of the digestive tract is weak it is vulnerable, and therefore, easily permeated. Likely one reason why leaky gut is so common among them.

Avoid genetically modified foods. Eat organically whenever possible, and keep the lining of your digestive tract strong. Get your free guide of 15 foods to help heal your gut and 15 foods to avoid for a healthier gut and better brain function.

Authored by Karen Thomas, Founder of Healing Autism Naturally.

Karen Thomas

How to Optimize Your Colon Health

Why Is the Health of the Colon So Important?

The large intestine is also known as the colon. The health and proper functioning of the colon is crucial to the excretion of waste. Bowel movements must happen daily. Any constipation allows time for the toxins in stagnant excrement to be reabsorbed into the body. Toxic waste includes pesticides, hormones, antibiotics in animal feed, and carcinogenic agents in the air we breathe.

Physical health and behavioral issues are both affected by toxic reabsorption. There are neurotransmitters, or brain messengers, that are affected by toxins in the bowel. These brain signaling chemicals include adrenaline, norepinephrine and serotonin. This can cause anxiety, moodiness, irritability, fatigue, the inability to concentrate, and much more. The large intestine also absorbs minerals necessary for our health. An improperly working colon causes nutrient deficiencies.

What To Do

Dehydration and a lack of fiber in the diet can slow down the process of elimination causing constipation. Plenty of pure water is crucial, as is fiber. When the digestive tract is healthy fiber is essential to keep things moving. If digestion is already not moving fiber can make it worse.

When constipation is an issue there are some healthy, safe supplement choices to assist such as:

Probiotics are a great choice. They naturally help regulate the bowels.

Aloe leaf

Magnesium pulls water into the bowel and relaxes the smooth muscle to assist excretion.


-Vitamin C

Some high fiber foods are flax, chia seeds, fruit, especially berries, prunes, apples with the skin on, green leafy vegetables, oat bran, and brown rice. Be sure to avoid binding foods such as gluten, cheese and red meat.

Authored by Karen Thomas, CEO and founder of Naturally Healing Autism. 

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Karen Thomas News announcements

Karen Thomas’ Radio Show Special Guest Interview                                                   Karen-Thomas-Autism    

Karen’s June 1st, release for her radio/podcast show is with Dr. Bruce Lipton, specializing in epigenetics. Epigenetics is the science of how environmental impact affects our genes. Learn what you can do to protect your genes.
Listen here.

Karen’s May 2016 posts to her blog include:

Karen has put together a FREE webinar on the topic of the 3 steps to naturally heal your child from the symptoms of autism. The finishing touches are being put on it now. Watch for dates and details.

The Autism One conference was a big hit!

Karen spoke at the Autism One conference, in Chicago, on May 26, 2016. Her talk was titled “The 3 Stages to Heal Autism Naturally”.
See the slides  to Karen’s talk. Learn how she helped her own son recover from his symptoms of autism and what you can do to help your child get better. Audio to be available soon.

Click here to learn 3 dangerous foods to avoid for better health.

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Broad Spectrum Enzymes

Broad spectrum enzymes help to break down food particles from multiple sources such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and fiber so that the body can better digest and absorb nutrients. When the GI tract is not functioning properly the body cannot make enough enzymes to do this important job. The same is true as we age. With age, the body’s ability to make enzymes decreases.

Enzymes are known for their assistance in digestion, but they are also very effective for many other issues including the reduction of inflammation, assisting in detoxification, healing the GI tract, reducing allergies, and even improved cognitive abilities.

Behavioral Benefits

Enzymes are known to be very helpful for children with autism and ADHD. Parents have noticed improvements in behavior, better concentration, and increased language abilities.

Quality Supplements

Quality is important with enzymes as it is with all supplements. Broad spectrum digestive enzymes are taken just prior to eating a meal for their assistance in digestion. Good Gut solution has recently formulated a new, high quality product called Perfect Pass Digestive Enzyme that helps digest proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and cellulosic materials.

The product Trienza by Houston-Enzymes is another good choice. Trienza has the added benefit of DPP-IV, a very specific enzyme that is capable of breaking down the larger, and potentially more harmful proteins in wheat, (gluten) and dairy, (casein), products that can cause damage to the gut lining allowing toxins to get into the blood. These toxins trigger allergic reactions and make their way to the brain causing behavioral disorders. Trienza also comes in a chewable form for children and adults.

The importance of broad spectrum enzymes is that they assist with a multitude of different types of foods. This is helpful because we do not always know what our body is having trouble with digesting and causes of inflammation. Broad spectrum enzymes cover so many possibilities with one product.

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Karen-Thomas-ImageArticle by Karen Thomas
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April is Autism Month

April is Autism Month

Naturally Healing Autism Book by Karen Thomas

On April 1st, Author and Good Gut Solution blog contributor, Karen Thomas will be releasing her radio/podcast show at www.autismone.org Tune in with Thomas and her special guest Dr. Daniel Amen.

Dr. Daniel Amen, Guest Speaker on Autism Podcast

Dr. Amen is a psychiatrist specializing in SPECT imaging brain scans and natural supplementation to treat multiple behavioral disorders. Listen to what Dr. Amen has to share about why certain behavioral issues may exist in your child and learn about the resources you can use to help them.

Check Karens blog to find her recent informative articles on:

Read these amazingly helpful articles to gain valuable resources for your own health and the health of your family and friends.

Click here for a free download of what foods are helpful to heal your gut and which foods to avoid that can prevent you from healing.  

Autism One: The Cutting-Edge Autism Conference

Karen Thomas is the CEO and founder of Naturally Healing Autism. She  will be speaking at the Autism One conference, in Chicago, on May 26, 2016. Her talk will be on “The 3 Stages to Heal Autism Naturally”. Come meet Karen and learn how she helped her own son recover from his symptoms of autism and what you can do to help your child get better.

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