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Autism Recovery Workshop

 Autism recovery workshop for moms with children on the autism spectrum

Karen Thomas-Austism Recovery Workshop


Part 2 of Karens workshop is ready. This is a online workshop so you can attend from your own living room! Yay!!!

CLICK HERE to watch it now.

In the first part of the workshop Karen talked about
Setting the foundation by healing the gut and why it’s so important.

Now she is going to shift gears and talk about
Stages 2 & 3, continued safe, natural steps to help clear the way.

Karen goes deep into the science of heavy metal detoxification
And shows you the strategies to test for and remove these
dangerous toxins from your child’s body, safely.

And let me be brutally upfront about this…
SO many doctors, and parents do this wrong.

Meaning, that your child not only doesn’t get better, but can actually end up worse off than when you started.

But when you follow the process Karen outlines in part 2 of the workshop, your child will detoxify more easily and safely.

Here’s what she’ll be sharing:

  • The safest, most effective way to naturally remove the
    heavy metal toxins from your child
    that is backed by studies.
  • The most important reasons why NOT
    To use pharmaceutical drugs to chelate or remove heavy metals
    (and most don’t know about this at all)
  • The natural test for heavy metals, and it’s
  • The #1 reason why children stay sick
    … and how to easily fix it.

Karen Thomas



Access everything for free here.

Need Relief From Allergies? Test For Leaky Gut

Food Allergies or Intolerances May be a Result of Leaky Gut

Food IntolerancesA leaky gut refers to intestinal permeability, or the movement of toxins and undigested food particles through the intestinal lining into the bloodstream.

The intestinal lining can become damaged due to many factors:

  • persistent inflammation (often the case after vaccinations due to mercury or other toxic exposure),
  • overgrowth of Candida/yeast
  • parasites
  • chemicals in processed food
  • food dyes
  • enzyme deficiency
  • NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen),
  • prescription corticosteroids
  • diet of highly refined carbohydrates; cookies, pasta, bread and processed foods
  • chemotherapy and radiation treatments

All of these things are contributing factors to what is known as “leaky gut.”

Once the lining of the intestinal tract is compromised food particles begin to seep through into the bloodstream. These undigested proteins and fats can be seen by the immune system as foreign invaders to attack. This can result in autoimmune disorders, developed allergies, and inflamed organs and tissues of the body and brain. This is how we develop allergies to foods that we previously were not allergic to.

Available At-Home Testing for Leaky Gut

Uncomfortable procedures to check for gut inflammation are a thing of the past. Today there are convenient, at-home tests for multiple issues. Genova, at-home, diagnostic tests offer a multitude of various tests to assess numerous issues from inflammation to intestinal permeability, parasitology, and much more.

Tests can be done with a simple stool, urine, or saliva sample. They can give information about IgA antibodies (gluten allergens), fungus, and more.

These tests can be done from home, are mailed off to the lab, and results come to you via e-mail. There are qualified professionals available to help you with the results.

For more information on how to heal a Leaky Gut Click Here.

Is Food Coloring Toxic?

Knowing the Dangers of Food ColoringToxic Food Coloring

The holidays are here. With them come those festive colors added to cookies, candy, gelatin, and more. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration was originally developed to protect us from harmful chemicals in our food, drugs and cosmetics. Unfortunately, they do allow many harmful, and even dangerous chemicals to be allowed in all of them because they are difficult to remove.

FD&C dyes are not safe. The foods you eat that contain them have a certain percentage of lead, mercury, arsenic, benzidine, and more. We know that lead damages the brain. The following list of FD&C dyes are known to cause behavioral symptoms including hyperactivity, asthma, depression, moodiness, and anger.

They are contained in foods such as cereal, fruit chews, candy, soda, and much more. They are also in many health and beauty aids, including shampoo, soaps, lotions, and cosmetics. They add pretty colors to things, but they come with a price.

Read Your Labels…..

A List of the FD&C Dyes and Related Health Issues

Blue #2 is known to cause brain tumors called gliomas. Glial tumors are one of the most common type of brain tumors.

Red #2 is very commonly used. Its dangers include tumors, including those in the urinary bladder, hyperactivity, and an increased sensitivity to allergic reactions.

Red #3 was banned from use in cosmetics and topical drugs back in 1990, because the FDA learned it was a thyroid carcinogen. Today it is still allowed in candy, baked goods, and oral medications.

Green #3 causes urinary bladder tumors.

Yellow #5, (tartrazine), is a derivative of coal-tar. This particular yellow food coloring is associated with hyperactivity, asthma, and behavioral problems in children.

Yellow #6 creates adrenal tumors and hypersensitivity. Hypersensitive reactions may be toward external stimuli such as light and noise, or internal, (behavioral), moodiness such as irritability or depression.

FD&C colors in medications are allowed to contain double the amount of lead as food coloring itself, and these medications are being taken by people who already have a compromised immune system.

Also, be aware of avoiding other harmful chemicals such as high fructose corn syrup, monosodium glutamate, aspartame or aspartate. It is best to shop at your local farmers’ market or health food store, if possible. Always read your labels to see if any of the chemicals listed in this article are in the product. If they are, then put it down and walk away.

Get you free copy of the best foods to eat, and the important foods to avoid HERE.

Further details on foods, supplements, environmental toxins, and much more can be found in my book, Naturally Healing Autism: The Complete Step-By-Step Resource Handbook for Parents.

Karen ThomasAnnouncing the Brand-New Release of Karen’s Step-By-Step Video Program  Karen’s step-by-step video program is now available, and at a limited time introductory offer!

After a decade of research, and tens of thousands of dollars spent, Karen has brought her own son to recovery from his symptoms of autism. Now she shows you exactly what she did, step-by-step, so you can get your child healthier and happier too. Learn all about it here, and please share this information with friends and family who could benefit from it. Follow Karen on Facebook!

Leaky Gut – It’s really Inflammation

How Does Inflammation in the Gut Impact You 

Leaky GutMost people think of inflammation as something that happens in the joints or when there is an external injury. The one place commonly unrecognized for inflammation is in the gut. This creates damage to the lining of the intestinal tract which can even create holes that allow undigested food into the bloodstream. This is known as leaky gut and it leaks dangerous toxins into the bloodstream that inflame internal organs such as the brain.

These toxins are seen as a physical invasion by the immune system and it reacts. When the immune system reacts to an undigested food particle it creates an acquired food allergy. This can also lead to autoimmune diseases. The immune system is left on high alert and it eventually wears out.

What Foods Contribute to Leaky Gut?

Some of the most common foods that cause inflammation in the gut are gluten, (the protein in wheat), casein, (the protein in dairy), corn, sugar, and soy. These foods should be reduced or eliminated, especially if digestion is a problem. For additional information on foods impacting the gut read Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall. She talks about using the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to help reduce inflammation and heal the gut. 

How Can You Heal a Leaky Gut?

Some supplements can assist in reducing inflammation in the body. Specific enzymes and probiotics can assist in reducing the inflammation and healing the gut. One of my favorites is also omega 3 fatty acids for their multiple uses. They reduce inflammation, assist vision, and help the brain to function while also protecting it. Bone broth is also very healing to the gut.

Karen Thomas

You can follow Karen on Facebook, and Twitter. 

Listen to Karen’s radio/podcast at www.autismone.org.

Household Toxins are Often Dangerous

Household toxins are very often more dangerous than we think.

Karen Thomas has written a great blog post discussing the danger of household toxins.

Baby bottle plastic can be harmfulShe tells us that fetuses, infants, and young children are the ones that are the most susceptible due to their immune systems not yet fully developed yet, and so aren’t able to detoxify properly.

She tells us how the toxins are endocrine disruptors which create hormone imbalance and they are also disruptors of the digestive system. They are known to increase bad bacteria in the gut.

Did you know that there are 84,000 chemicals, but the EPA only requires testing on about 200?

Here is a list of the most harmful and dangerous ones:


BPA is a very dangerous chemical found in plastics like drinking bottles, baby bottles, toys, dental sealants, and the linings of food cans.
Also, interestingly, receipts are often coated in plastic which is absorbed into the skin as a toxin.

Most diseases are linked to BPA’s and phthalates They are known to disrupt the function of the gut. They also cause asthma and autoimmune disorders.


PVC is another potentially very harmful compound that may also contain polychlorinated biphenyl also known as PCBs. PCBs are synthetic, organic chemicals and are commonly found in toys, vinyl flooring, countertops, and shower curtains.
There is research to validate that nursing kids take in about fifty times the daily amount of the synthetic, organic compound polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) of adults.

Both PCB and PVC are known to disrupt the hormonal system, and are linked to premature puberty, asthma, allergies, irregular menstrual cycles, breast cancer, and prostate cancer.

Thomas says that one study done in 2009 found that those who lived in homes with vinyl floors were twice as likely to have a child with autism.

PFCs, the polyfluorinated chemicals, are known to be toxic and are used in the coatings of nonstick cookware, stain repellents in carpeting and clothing, and grease-proof paper used in the linings of packaging for certain food items such as popcorn bags.

Read Karen Thomas’s full blog post:

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