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Pacific Acupuncture Symposium Oct 27th, 2013

Lots of education and information processing for me this week.
I flew in to San Diego, Nov 26th at 9.30 pm so as to be in time for Sunday’s annual Acupuncture Symposium that was held at the Catamaran Hotel in Pacific Beach, San Diego. This is their 25th anniversary year and proud to say that I have attended every year.

Happy to say that my luggage did not get lost this time. However, as we were landing in Phoenix, the connecting flight city, I watched through the window as the pilot slowly descended towards the runway and then, all of a sudden, without touching down, he slowly changed course and started his ascent instead! Turns out that there was a private plane that had not taken off in time. This delayed the plane coming in before us and so it was necessary for us to literally move ‘out of the way’. Pilot made a big circle and 15 minutes later we were finally on the ground.

Giovanni Maciocia The morning began with an amazingly detailed and informative presentaion by Giovanni Maciocia on ‘Applications of the Chong Mai’ – one of the extra meridians. He is certainly one of the most learned scholars of acupuncture. He has also developed a whole range of effective Chinese herbal formulas that we order for our patients and even for you if you want to try any of them. See The Three Treasures Formula

Misha Cohen, www.docmish.com was next talking about ‘The Spirit of Chinese Medicine’ and her involvement with many years of cancer patient support and treatment. Misha was a presenter at the very first symposium so she has years of experience in TCM traditional chinese medicine. It was reassuring to hear about her success stories in  38 years of complementary and integrated involvement providing care for cancer patients in San Francisco. She told us about a recent publication on Medscape you may find interesting to read.

Matt Callison of SportsMedicineAcupuncture.com spoke about ‘The Aging Athlete’. So yes, it’s what we refer to as the kidney chi that declines in men at 40 and women at 35. We went home with a whole valuable ‘cookbook’ of points to use when treating this population.

The WOW experience of the day was an amazing, new innovative, Korean Ginseng supplement that was offered in the exhibit hall. David placed 12 drops in a bottle of water which I drank down. The taste was surprisingly very palatable but more significantly the effect was awesome. Couldn’t believe what an effect it had on how I felt, how well I could concentrate and the marked increase in energy that I experienced. Its available in liquid and small black caplets, actually in exactly the same packaging as Dr Ohhiras Propolis and Probiotic formulas.
It will be on my website to buy very shortly however, in the meantime, if you want to try it just call me at 877-240-7528 and I’ll order it for you.

The Primordial Qi Gong was a wonderful. It was great to counter all the cerebral overload with mindful movements in the beautiful setting of the Caramaran Hotel.

The afternoon session was panel discussion mediated by Ted Kaptchuk who is the Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and the Director of the Harvard-wide program in Placebo studies and theTherapeutic Encounter.  The panel was represented by acupuncturists who are practicing in integrated medical facilities. Justin Heesaker is the founder of the holistic health program at the Naval Hospital at Camp Pendelton in San Diego. Ruth McCarty is the founder of a similar program at Children’s Hospital in Orange County and Arya Nielson has a program at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York. They all stressed how important it is to have an advocate in the medical environment as well as the need for education about our practice of acupuncture that is still an unknown to many professionals and still looked at with skeptical eyes .

Mimi Guarneri MD Mimi Guarneri MD, cardiologist was on the panel as well. She is a functional medicine practitioner.She is the founder of Scripps Center of Integrative Medicine. She outlined how she managed to establish an alternative health clinic at Scripps using lifestyle programs, it was not an easy task, yet she persevered and the outcomes are amazing. She is amazing! I take my hat off to her.

She also spoke about Dr Ornish’s program that since 2012 is even covered by Medicare. He was able to demonstrate reduction in High Blood Pressure using Transcendental Meditation. Patients who followed the Ornish program lowered their systolic and diastolic blood pressure after only 12 weeks, and many were able to decrease their blood pressure medication. The same reason I advocate the use of TM style meditation in the stress management program that I conduct.

In closing she said … “We need to be the change we want to see.”

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