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3 Reasons to Add Prebiotics to Your Daily Diet

Did you know that it’s recommended to get prebiotic soluble fiber in your diet every day?

When you take probiotics you really have to make sure you are feeding them as well.

Probiotics feed on and grow on prebiotic soluble fiber.

How can you add prebiotics soluble fiber to your diet?

  • Through whole uncooked plants such as chicory, jerusalem artichokes, garlic, onion and leeks
  • Through fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha and home made yogurt

Truthfully, though, most people don’t eat these foods on a daily basis.

That leaves the third method of getting necessary soluble fiber and that’s through a daily supplement.

According to a study by the Stanford Medical School, if we don’t get enough soluble fiber every day to feed our bacteria, the bacteria will obtain it on their own through breaking down the cells that form the tight junction in our intestinal lining. That’s right, they will start devouring these cells.

What happens when we don’t get enough Prebiotic Fiber?

Leaky Gut. This is when gut impermeability happens. Basically, harmful toxins from the foods we eat go into our bloodstream and cause us to feel sick by triggering an inflammatory response in our body.

What are the three reasons to supplement with Prebiotic Fiber?

1. An Increase in Healthful Bacteria

  • Selective stimulation of the growth and/or activity of one or a limited number of intestinal bacteria associated with health and well-being
  • Resistance to gastric acidity and digestive enzymes, which enables prebiotic soluble fiber to survive until it gets to the large intestine
  • Fermentation (digestion) by intestinal bacteria

Research shows  that supplementing with a variety of dietary soluble fibers types results in increases in Bifidobacteria, Lactobacillus, or both. These and other healthful bacteria improve health in a variety of ways.

By feeding on prebiotic soluble fiber, their primary food source, they increase in number and metabolic activity, which as a result produces short-chain fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and bacteriocins.

Short-chain fatty acids do a number of significant things:

  • One type of short-chain fatty acid feeds the cells that make up the gut lining, helping to keep the cells healthy and thus supporting their barrier function. This type of short-chain fatty acid also regulates these cells’ growth and differentiation—factors that may contribute to the fatty acid’s role in helping to reduce the risk of colon cancer.
  • Other short-chain fatty acids are absorbed and transported to the liver, where they favorably affect glucose metabolism and also appear to inhibit cholesterol synthesis and regulate the deposit of fat.

Peter Swann, MD, FAAFP, FACOEM,

2. Improved Immunity

In elderly adults, supplementation with prebiotics showed an increase in natural killer cell activity:

  • increase production of an anti-inflammatory substance;
  • decrease production of two pro-inflammatory substances;

According to the author of one review article on prebiotic soluble fiber, many animal and human studies suggest that some aspects of innate and adaptive immunity of the gut and the entire immune system are positively affected by prebiotic supplementation.*

*Lomax AR et al., “Prebiotics, immune function, infection and inflammation: a review of the evidence,” The British Journal of Nutrition, vol. 101, no. 5 (March 2009): 633–658

3. Help for Complex Bowel Conditions

Prebiotic supplementation can offer significant help to people who face more challenging gastrointestinal conditions and may help to improve symptoms of IBS and IBD crohns and colitis.

In addition, prebiotic soluble fiber improves inflammatory conditions and the body’s response to certain infections. These “prebiotic effects” make this natural, non-invasive supplementation a smart choice.

Use Perfect Pass Prebiotic if you have any of the following:

  • high cholesterol,
  • overweight
  • digestive issue
  • osteoporosis
  • before and after antibiotic use

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Microbiome; Front and Center

The Human Super OrganismHow Understanding the Microbiome Can Help Us?

Putting the microbiome front and center in health care, in preventive strategies, and in health-risk assessments could decrease the rise of chronic diseases.

Dr. Rodney Dietert just published his book on this topic, The Human Superorganism: How the Microbiome Is Revolutionizing the Pursuit of a Healthy Life. Dieterts’ book focuses on the study of microbiome diversity as it relates to our immune system. 

Rodney Dietert, Ph.D. is an internationally-known author, lecturer, scientist and professor of Immunotoxicology at Cornell.

His area of study focuses on how the origins of  asthma, autism, Alzheimer’s, allergies, cancer, heart disease, obesity, and even some kinds of depression are linked to our organisms which reside in our gut. We now know that the microbiome is responsible for our immune system function and has a direct link to our brain, controlling the neurotransmitters that produce our “feel good hormones.”  

Rodney Dietart MicrobiomeAward-winning researcher on the microbiome,  Rodney Dietert, presents this new paradigm in human biology that has emerged.

Dieters states,Given the intimate relationship between the human immune system and the microbiome, it is not surprising that alterations in our microbial makeup can greatly affect health.”

We couldn’t agree more and are so excited to see new information coming out daily from top experts on the human microbiome and it’s connection to the immune system and brain function.

In his book Dietert explains macrobiotic self care and how important probiotics are for maintaining strong immune system health.

7 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

boost immunity with probioticsCold and flu season brings with it a host of new ills. Our busy lives leave little time to deal with the aches, pains, and accompanying fever. In fact, sick days have become a luxury in today’s economy.

Some of the best defenses against illness aren’t expensive treatments, but sound, common-sense approaches to boosting your immune system. Here are some of best strategies for shoring up your immune system year-round:

7 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

  1. Get plenty of rest. It goes without saying that most Americans are sleep-deprived. Lack of sleep can lead to daytime drowsiness, poor insulin metabolism, depression, hypertension, and frequent viral infections. Getting enough sleep each night allows your body to repair itself and to prepare for the next day. Limit your screen-time before bed, establish a regular pre-sleep routine, and make getting a good night’s sleep a priority.
  2. Establish a regular workout routine. Aim for 45 minutes of moderate exercise most days of the week. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, people who work out experience fewer colds and flu bouts than their sedentary peers. Develop a consistent routine with activities that you enjoy, such as hiking, bicycling, or any other workout technique that you will look forward to on a regular basis.
  3. Stay hydrated. Hydration just isn’t for the gym. Staying well-hydrated flushes toxins and viruses from your system, aids in digestion, and keeps your tissues and cells healthy. While there are no set rules for fluid intake, your urine is a measure of your hydration status. Urine that is pale yellow indicates you are well hydrated, whereas darker urine suggests you may be dehydrated and need to drink more liquids.
  4. Treat yourself. Booking just one Swedish massage session provides not only relaxation, but also an increase in disease-fighting white blood cells. Once thought of as a luxury, massage has become a mainstream strategy for maintaining a strong immune system.
  5. Maintain a healthy weight. Carrying around excess weight makes it tougher for your system to fight off viruses and bacteria.
  6. Try probiotics. These “good bacteria” populate the large intestine and help our bodies to metabolize the nutrients in our food. A high quality probiotic supplement in addition to a healthy diet is your best nutritional defense against illness.
  7. Drink green tea. Green tea is an excellent source of stress-reducing properties. A recent study of Japanese schoolchildren demonstrated a possible link between green tea consumption and fewer colds and flu bouts.

Many of the tools you need to maintain a healthy immune system are right at your fingertips. Healthy lifestyle changes are a simple and cost-effective way to boost your immune system and to prevent illness.

It may take some time before these lifestyle changes become part of your normal daily routine. However, once you commit to these healthy habits, you’ll reap the benefits of overall good health and better immune response.

Max: My Experience with Probiotics


My name’s Max Thomas, and I’m 47 years old. I’m very much about staying healthy, and I’ve been using probiotics for nearly 20 years.

My system leans toward a yeast imbalance, which sometimes appears symptomatic of candidiasis. At times, I’ve experienced symptoms of other illnesses that typically are associated with a weakened immune system, which some doctors have linked back to a yeast imbalance.

Continue reading

10 Good Reasons to take Korean Ginseng

Why do thousands of people take Korean Ginseng every day?

Korean (Panax Ginseng) is the most widely used and studied ginseng in the world. It is known in many Asian countries as the “king of all herbs”. Almost 3,000 research articles on Korean ginseng have been published to date. It’s the Ginsenosides that are the active ingredients that trigger the over-all benefits of Korean Ginseng.

Ginseng is one of the few herbs and natural supplements on the market which naturally contains as many antioxidants and healthy plant saponins as it does. Because it provides a boost to the liver and blood filtration systems, the body’s efficiency at processing lactic acid (which can build up in muscles, causing body fatigue) is improved. Olympic gold athletes swear that they notice increase in stamina and vitality.

1. It has been shown to stimulate the entire body to overcome stress, fatigue and weakness, resulting in optimal performance and delivering of nutrients to the body that generates a sense of relaxation and well-being.

2. The ginsenosides found in Korean ginseng enhances memory and improves cognitive abilities, making it useful in the treatment of poor concentration, sluggish mental function, poor memory, insomnia and anxiety. Many students take this kind of ginseng while studying and taking tests as it sharpens concentration and memory and makes learning new subjects much easier.

3. Ginseng strengthens the immune systems and enhances the body’s ability to fight against diseases and allergies by stimulating the production of interferon.

4. Korean ginseng is used to treat stomach disorders such diarrhea, poor appetite, nausea, vomiting and indigestion.

5. It enhances the body’s ability to fight against diseases and allergies by stimulating the production of interferon. It thus helps prevent colds, flu.

6. It has been shown to fight against some forms of cancer, as well as being effective in lowering high blood sugar levels as well as blood cholesterol.

7. Korean ginseng relaxes the lungs and prevents constriction of the airways. It can be taken as a remedy for asthma and other types of lung problems.

8. Panax ginseng has been shown to be effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, as suggested by a 2002 study from the Journal of Urology. In tests on 45 men with erectile dysfunction, those who took Panax ginseng for eight weeks showed greater improvements than those given a placebo for the same time period. In an earlier study of 90 men with erectile dysfunction, 60% of the participants reported improvement in their symptoms compared with 30 percent of those using the placebo. The study was published in the International Journal of Impotence Research.

9. Korean ginseng is very popular for seniors as it is thought to prevent senility. It’s strengthening and energizing effects are important to keep the body active well into old age. It has a very positive effect in making the whole body healthy. When you take it daily, it balances all of the systems in the body.

10. Ginseng helps Diabetes. A 2008 study published in “Nutrition, Metabolism, and Cardiovascular Diseases” showed that Panax ginseng aids in diabetes management. The study involved 19 people with well-controlled type 2 diabetes. Compared to those given a placebo for 12 weeks, study members who took Panax ginseng supplements for the same time period experienced greater improvements in blood sugar control.

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