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Pamela Nathan Gut Health Interview

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Pamela Nathan

Pamela Nathan L.Ac., DHM, MSTOM

‘Maintaining Gut Health’

Featured Speaker of the amazing Gut Health Turn Around Series
DATE: Saturday, November 19th, 2016
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When Clean Eating Doesn’t Cut it: Gut Health for Better Fitness

Gut Health for Better Fitness


You dedicate your life to a healthy routine: clean eating, supplementation, workouts, and a 10:30 pm bedtime. But what if all that hard work is being undone by poor gut health?

The digestive system is really the engine of our well-being, as it is involved in so many processes. If our digestive system is in check, we feel awesome, we can perform at the top level, and we even can push ourselves harder to make bigger gains in the gym.

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Alcohol and Probiotics: Save Your Liver

Alcohol in Woman's Hand


Still coping with the effects of too much sangria this weekend?

Above-recommended amounts of alcohol can wreak havoc on your body–particularly your liver–if you have one too many. Fortunately, help is on the way.

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Ask a Microbiologist: 7 Surprising Scientific Facts About Probiotics

7 surprising facts about probiotics

When it comes to probiotics, there are plenty of marketers clamoring for attention. From billions of strains to special coatings–we’ve heard it all. But if you ask for scientific proof, those voices die down. What gives?

Kiran Krishnan, a renowned microbiologist, is a part of a group of doctors and researchers hired to investigate and conduct clinical trials around the “next generation” of probiotics. Just in time, too. Their 10-year intensive study coincides with the Human Microbiome Project (HMP), a massive nationwide research project with a focus on microorganisms’ effects on human beings. Krishnan is the scientist behind Perfect Pass Probiotics.

We recently sat down with Krishnan and he gave us an inside look at 7 scientific facts about probiotics.


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Your Skin, Happier: The Benefits of Taking Probiotics

Benefits of Taking Probiotics
Whether it’s a job interview, a company conference, or your senior prom night – there are few thing that feel more catastrophic than a sudden breakout. There are plenty of contributing factors, and most chalk it up to stress. However, a breakout can also be an indication of a much deeper problem, especially if it continues long after that stressful work presentation.

We can point our fingers at dairy, sugar, or stress – but with all these factors, how do you figure out the best plan for your skin? Many are turning to a simple probiotic pill. It’s not a strange development – the benefits of taking probiotics have been proven to heal other ailments. Here’s why you should be thinking about taking probiotics to jumpstart your journey for better skin.

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