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7 Ways to Fight Inflammation

When the body’s inflammatory response is out of balance, it is considered whole body, or chronic inflammation. Find out what you can do to fight inflammation and start off the new year in balance.

When the body is out of balance it may lead to inflammation.What is inflammation?

Acute inflammation is your body’s natural immune response to damage. This type of inflammation happens as a result from injury or trauma like when you take a  fall or  accidentally cut yourself. Your immune system sends a rush of white blood cells to the site of your injury to repair the tissue. In this situation, inflammation is your friend—you can’t live without it.

Chronic inflammation is your body’s immune response to a barrage of environmental, physical and mental invaders. Sometimes this stems from things like poor diet, stress, lack of sleep, toxic chemical exposure or an imbalanced gut.  When your body is out of balance inflammation can be at the root of these feelings of discomfort or pain. This type of inflammation is what medical researchers are finding is the root of almost all disease.

What can you to do fight inflammation?

  • Address your gut health.
  • Reduce trigger foods that you may be sensitive to. Common one’s are gluten, dairy and soy.
  • Eat a whole foods, predominantly plant based diet.
  • Destress; in the new year commit to a consistent routine like doing yoga, walking with friends or hitting the gym a few days a week.
  • Rest more. Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Your immune system will thank you.
  • Reduce toxins in your home by switching out your cleaning products and personal care products such as soaps, shampoos and lotions.
  • Jump start your bodies inflammation response. We recommend you try a natural restorative product for inflammation like FYI Restore by Garden of Life.

FYI Restore is the ultimate broad spectrum systemic enzyme formula, delivering high proteolytic activity at the systemic level to work with the body’s own processes to assist normal tissue repair.

The synergistically balanced whole food, herb, and enzyme blend by Garden of Life FYI, consists of cartilage building proteins from chicken collagen, systemic enzymes, and specific whole foods and herbs chosen for their proven anti-inflammatory abilities. Not only may the nutrients in FYI help to control and prevent inflammation, they have no side effects whatsoever and may, often times, prevent the occurrence of unwanted side effects caused by prescription medications.

Another great product is FYI ULTRA . This is one of the few vegetarian products for inflammation which aids both joints and cartilage. It is made from natural shellfish-free glucosamine, antioxidants and botanicals. It is the only product in the Garden of Life line that contains glucosamine.

  • Contains glucosamine which supports the body’s ability to rebuild cartilage tissue and maintain healthy joints.
  • Contains curcumin which supports normal joint and surrounding tissue volume and promotes healthy joint mobility.
  • Contains pomegranate, selenium, natural astaxanthin, and Boswellia to support the body capacity to withstand free radical damage in joint and cartilage tissue.

Click here to read more about the ingredients in FYI which help fight inflammation.

myKind – Supplements with Nothing Artificial – 100% Organic

myKind Organic Supplements

myKind – certified organic, non-GMO verified supplements made from real foods.

Have you been looking for supplements that are 100% organic with no artificial fillers? Try myKind.

Garden of Life myKind Organics are supplements which have all of their nutrients extracted from organic fruits and herbs.  Each multivitamin formula is made from real food – over 30 fruits, vegetables and herbs – organically grown, making them rich in powerful plant-derived phytochemicals and cofactors such as antioxidants, carotenoids, flavanols, isoflavones, catechins, anthocyanins, polyphenols, vitamins and trace minerals.

This line was created by Garden of Life and natural wellness advocate Alicia Silverstone. Click Here to read more about the myKind line of supplements. Read an interesting interview with Alicia about why she loves myKind Organics by clicking here.

myKind Organics Has a Multivitamin to Meet Everyones Nutritional Needs

The myKind Organics line includes men and women’s multi vitamins. The Men’s Once Daily multivitamins help strengthen the immune system and boost energy. The Women’s Multi vitamin contains extra iron  for blood support and and B Vitamins for radiant hair, skin and nails. Each meets the individual needs of nutrients required by men and women.

A calcium supplement in the myKind Organics line is derived from organic algae, not limestone. The tablets include 800 milligrams of calcium and essential vitamins to help the body properly absorb the calcium.

If you are planning on having a family soon or already expecting consider myKind Organics Prenatal Vitamins because they’re USDA Organic certified and non-GMO products. The prenatal vitamins are so important. Click Here to read why. myKind Prenatal’s include folate from organic lemon peels and iron from organic curry leaves. Additionally, the prenatal formula also has a healthy dose of ginger and peppermint to help soothe the stomach and help calm morning sickness and nausea.

All of the tablets included in the myKind Organics line are gluten-free and vegan-friendly and contain all-natural ingredients without added fillers or binders. Meanwhile, the myKind Organics brand are available for less than other organic vitamins found in health stores and other websites.

If you’re ready to take your health to the next level without any artificial fillers or GMOs, consider adding myKind supplements to your daily regimen.

Here’s what you need to know about Men’s Multi-Vitamins


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Men and women have different requirements when it comes to nutritional support. Vitamin Code Men’s Formula is a comprehensive multi-vitamin with specific nutrients to support prostrate health, mental and physical energy and heart health.

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Primal Defense, Primal Defense Ultra, and You

Woman with hands up on beach

While managing any bowel irritation can be difficult after discomfort begins, there are many products that are specially formulated to prevent irritation before it causes problems. Garden of Life Primal Defense products have been developed to prevent discomfort when taken as part of a regular supplemental diet.

Preventative routines are the key to managing digestive system and bowel issues. While knowing which foods or activities may trigger discomfort, it’s also important to keep a regular routine with health and diet supplements. Primal Defense supplements are all designed to help you and your gut become as healthy as possible.

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How To Aid Digestion With Garden Of Life’s Digestive Enzymes

Close Up Of Woman Eating handful Of Almonds

Changing your diet to avoid foods that are difficult to digest may be harmful when you’re trying to get all the nutrients you need. However, being uncomfortable after mealtime may slow down the pace of your life. Many people find themselves caught at these crossroads, but if you want to aid digestion without sacrificing essential nutrients, there are options out there.

Digestive supplements (or digestive enzymes) help aid digestion so you’re able to continue eating a healthy diet without cramps or bloating. If you’re searching for an option to help you digest commonly difficult-to-process foods, then Garden of Life OmegaZyme Ultra Digestive Enzymes are your answer!

Garden of Life’s OmegaZyme ULTRA Digestive Enzymes

The capsules contain more than 20 different digestive enzymes to help the body process dairy, carbohydrates, proteins and high-fat foods such as beans, nuts and seeds. The capsules contain proteins that help break down foods and allow the intestinal tract to absorb the nutrients without creating cramps and bloating. And the all-natural enzymes are extracted from plants, making the capsules completely vegetarian-friendly.

Eating a balanced diet isn’t easy when you’re limited to what kinds of foods you can eat, especially if you have to limit the amount of dairy or protein you eat. But supplementary digestive enzymes help your body process those foods so you don’t have to miss out on the nutrients.

It’s Easy & Convenient

For anyone who is busy, grabbing a handful of nuts or seeds is an easy option for snacking on-the-go. Well, taking a capsule is also an easy, portable option for taking digestive enzymes. Meanwhile, buying the enzymes in bulk is also something that will keep your life moving forward. Having 180 capsules compared to 90 will cut down on how frequently you have to make an order and will save you money by slicing the shipping costs down to once instead of twice. And ordering from Good Gut Solution means your supplement will be delivered to you without interrupting your day.

The Price Is Right When Shopping Online!

Some stores may charge up to $86 for 180 capsules of digestive enzymes. But, those products may not be as effective as the Garden of Life OmegaZyme Ultra Digestive Enzymes and we are offering the product for half that price.

These are some of the best digestive aids for anyone suffering from intestinal issues, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Crohn’s. If you’re familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of bloating and pressure in your midsection, try using digestive enzymes to stop cramps and discomfort after eating. Shop online to save on Garden of Life OmegaZyme Ultra Digestive Enzymes and start to aid digestion today!

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