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Dr Mark Hyman on Prebiotics and Probiotics

Dr Mark Hyman MD was a guest speaker on the Dr Oz show.

Dr Mark Hyman on Prebiotics and Probiotics

Guess what Dr Oz and Dr Mark Hyman were talking about on the  Dr Oz show last week? …. the value of probiotics and prebiotics food in helping to repair your gut!

Aside from explaining, in detail, how prebiotics are the perfect food for our microbiota,  he also continued to explain the benefits of probiotics in maintaining a healthy digestive environment.

Dr Hyman also shared his 14 day “Gut Check Plan” with 3 key features:

– Remove
– Replace
– Repair

Week 1:
Remove 7 foods: dairy, wheat, all grains, soy, all beans, eggs, peanuts.
Week 2:
Add them back again, one each day and see if you have any problems with any of them.

Part of the ‘replace’ cycle involves replenishing the good bugs by choosing foods that have probiotics and prebiotics.

Mark Hyman commented on how people are not that familiar with prebiotics, how they provide the perfect fertilizer for our friendly organisms to thrive and how important they are.

Yes, I agree!

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