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Detoxification Should Be A Slow Process

Detoxification Should be a Slow Process

One commonly seen problem with detoxification is a rapid beginning. The body must be eased into this process with liver support, probiotics, and the correct diet, but not with a whole lot of vitamins and incorrect supplementation.

Detoxification should be a slow process

If detoxification begins too quickly the liver cannot keep up with the amount of toxins being released and the toxins back up into the bloodstream. This creates a toxic body and a toxic brain. Symptoms range from headaches, lack of focus, lethargy and muscle pain, to flu-like. This is commonly referred to as a “die off” reaction.

Most people think that the more supplementation they add in right away, the better it will be. This is not the case. If candida or parasites have invaded the GI tract and there is a rapid influx of multivitamin formulas these pathogenic bacteria can use them as food to grow. I suggest waiting at least a week or more into a detoxification program before adding in new multivitamin formulas. Dietary changes alone can cause “die off” reactions as the candida is not being fed sugars and those bad processed carbohydrates that they have been using as their food for so long.

Give Your Body a Chance to “Catch Up”

If “die off” symptoms become extreme enough (you be the judge) then it is time to slow down, especially if you are working with a child. Look at what you are doing and ask yourself where you might want to make some changes such as:

  • Taking a day or two off from probiotics to let your liver catch up.
  • Possibly increase your liver support somewhat
  • Drink more water
  • Support digestion and clearing toxins from the gut/bile with a product such as Pectaclear .

Always be sure you are eating the right foods. Did you get your free download of foods to eat and foods to avoid?

Karen ThomasFor much, much more on detoxification read, Naturally Healing Autism: The Complete Step-By-Step Resource Handbook for Parents.

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