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Spring Clean Yourself Mentally and Physically

Spring Clean Yourself Mentally And Physically

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about sunshine, flowers, warmth, and all of the activities we will enjoy out and about. It’s also a time when many people begin to think about spring cleaning. After all, it seems as if winter is a time where we tend to relax more and conserve energy. When spring comes, we’re more than ready to throw open those windows for some fresh air and have a few spring cleaning days to usher in a new season.

Along with spring cleaning your home, spring is also a great time to “spring clean” yourself mentally and physically. A cleansing and renewing so-to-speak. What better time of the year to dedicate some time to getting rid of any crud that’s holding you back and cultivating a powerful, positive perspective that will help you soar through the years feeling energized and happy?

How you can spring clean yourself mentally

Your thought life is probably pretty busy with many thoughts running around. Are you feeling stressed? Drained? Do you have trouble focusing? If we’re not careful, we can get bogged down mentally and the winter months tend to weigh us down more than we’d like. Spring is a great time to mentally cleanse and release any thoughts, emotions, or beliefs that are holding you back or making you feel sluggish.

Here are some great ways you can cleanse yourself mentally:

Practice deep breathing.

Take a deep breath right now and let it out slowly. As you do, focus on relaxing your entire body. Do you notice how you feel more relaxed? Deep breathing is a wonderful way to quickly get yourself relaxed and change your frame of mind. Anxious about something? Put your focus on taking three deep breaths and pay attention to the inhale and exhale. You’ll feel lighter.


Along with deep breathing, taking a few minutes per day to meditate, or sit quietly and focus on your breathing, will certainly help you cleanse your mind. Meditation is a wonderful art that helps you gain some control over your thought life. It also has been known to be helpful with some physical issues, like lowering blood pressure and anxiety.


Take some time to pen your thoughts in a journal regularly, as this allows you to release some pent up emotions so that you simply feel lighter.

Break from technology

Too much time on technology can make us feel super busy and on edge. Turn everything off sometimes to just enjoy quiet time by yourself.

How to cleanse physically

Spring is a great time to cleanse your body of built up toxins and release anxiety that’s been lodging for far too long. With warm weather, you can really spend some time outside engaging in fun activities, exercising, gardening, or whatever else it is you like to do outside.

Here are some great ways to cleanse physically:


There are many ways to exercise and getting physically fit will certainly help you feel stronger and enjoy better health. You don’t have to do vigorous exercise either. You can simply engage in mild to moderate exercise three to five times a week for optimal health. Go walking. Ride your bike. Play tennis with a friend. Join a fitness class. Do yoga. Garden. Dance. Play softball. Go hiking. There are literally hundreds of ways to exercise!


To really give your body a good cleanse, drink 8 or more glasses of water per day. I know this sounds like a lot, but doing so will flush many toxins out of your body. It also helps your cells out, as they perform best in a well-hydrated environment.

Eat healthy

You’ve heard fruits and vegetables are the way to go for optimal health and it’s true. Take some time to eat plenty of produce, as this will help cleanse your body and provide wonderful nutrients as well.


There are many supplements available to help you cleanse and build your body back up to where it should be. Be sure to take a multivitamin and consider adding supplements like probiotics, aloe vera juice, and a good green superfood to give your body the essential nutrients it needs.

You’ll feel so much better once you spring clean yourself from the inside out.  It will take a commitment from your part, but rest assured that what you invest in yourself mentally and physically, you get a glorious return. Think of how wonderful you will feel when not only your house is freshly spring clean, but your mind and body, too!

Dominica Applegate

Featured Guest Blogger:

Dominica Applegate is dedicated to the art of self-discovery and creative expression. Earning her BA in Psychology and MA in Counseling, she worked in the mental health field for 12 years before starting her own business. A sought-after author and freelance writer, her work is ultimately about helping people remove blocks that keep them stuck and unleashing massive happiness and potential.

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