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Six More Reasons to take probiotics

The Probiotics miracle can help restore us to optimal health. As the antithesis of antibiotics, which kills bacteria indiscriminately (both unfriendly and friendly) while still allowing other harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeast to proliferate unchallenged, probiotics work to rebuild and rebalance this intestinal flora so critical to our health and our absorption of vital nutrients. In fact, probiotics are quite necessary in the aftermath of any course of antibiotics, and when taken properly, in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle, it can help improve health dramatically. Their many benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

Probiotics can help with the following:

  • Relief from gastrointestinal disorders

If taking Probiotics there is evidence that a normal bacteria composition of the intestinal microbiota play an important role in the development and normal functioning of the intestinal tract. Recently researchers have been studying the role of normal intestinal bacteria (also called intestinal microbiota) in maintaining healthy and normal GI function.

  •  Better digestion and nutrient absorption

Probiotics help with better digestion and nutrient absorption because Friendly bacteria help us digest our food and absorb nutrients effectively. In a sense, we don’t actually digest many components of our food — the bacteria digest it

  •  Increased immune function

Taking probiotics help with immune because In our gut, good bacteria can displace bad bacteria and influence our overall health, metabolism, digestion, and body composition.

Gut bacteria are involved in immunity and help to ensure our immune system doesn’t have an itchy trigger finger

  •  Reversed metabolic syndrome and encouraged weight loss

Probiotics help to have a healthy digestive track so Weight problems can actually indicate an unhealthy digestive tract. Two studies in particular revealed that gut bacteria vary significantly between those who are obese and those who are thin.

  •  Clearer, better nourished skin

Applying probiotics can also fortify your complexion’s defenses against chemicals and allergens that can disrupt the skin’s barrier function and cause swelling, dryness, breaks in the skin, and increased skin sensitivity. And because of probiotics’ ability to keep a healthy balance between the good and bad bacteria on the skin, they are a natural in the battle against acne. For example the Magoroku Skin lotion from Dr ohhira’s Probiotics is one of the best products for better skin.

Magoroku Skin Lotion

Dr Ohhira Probiotics Magoroku Skin Lotion

  •  Improved urogenital health in women

Probiotics Improved urogenital health in women.  Urogenital infections are one of the most common causes for a woman to visit a gynecologist or a urologist. The well-known association between abnormal vaginal microbial flora and its formidable risk in the increased incidence of urinary tract infection underscores the importance of understanding the microbial flora and the efforts needed to maintain it, for ensuring urogenital health. Surprisingly in spite of the increased incidence urogenital infections receive very less attention from the medical fraternity. Growing awareness among people and newer advances in the medical field has brought them into the limelight. The importance of replenishing these depleting commensals with ‘probiotics’ has resurfaced in a big way. As the days go by science and medicines will touch new milestones, which will include probiotics. The value of a probiotics cannot be taken at face value. Probiotics must not be considered a panacea for treating urogenital infections. However, the available data promises that it will be a strong option in improving and maintaining urogenital health.

Take Probiotics

  • Gloria Etzel

    I have crohns/colitis. Will probiotics help with extreme bouts of diarrhia?

    • Hi Gloria
      Thanks for your inquiry – yes taking probiotics is one of the best ways – take a look at vsl#3 or dr ohhira professional formula – start with low dosage and build up to the dosage that reduces the diarrhea.

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