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Perfect Pass Immune Support

Why is Perfect Pass Immune Support Good for You

What makes Perfect Pass Immune Multi Standout from the other Immune Formula Supplements on the Market?

Perfect Pass Immune Multi Powder and CapsulesThe Perfect Pass formula boasts the perfect ratio of vitamins and nutrients we need. There are many components and they all work extremely well together to provide a well rounded nutrient basis to optimize and maintain healthy immune function.

Sometimes, strict vegetarians have a difficult time getting enough vitamin B12, zinc, iron and calcium.

We are often unconscious of our exposure to toxins from poor air quality, heavy smoking or high alcohol consumption. Nutrients are depleted and the added toxicity is a burden to our immune systems.

Perfect Pass Immune Multi Vitamin


Mineral Blend

The minerel blend contains … Calcium phosphate, Iron Phosphate, Potassium Chloride, Potassium sulfate, Sodium chloride, Sodium sulfate, Calcium sulfate, Iron sulfate. It also includes trace minerals which work co-dependently with other nutrients. They are responsible for keeping our nervous and musculo-skeletal systems working adequately.


These greens which we normally would not eat, are thought about as powerhouse grasses that clean out toxins and repair free radical damage. They are excellent for detoxification and to help in vitamin and mineral delivery. They also play a role in detoxifying heavy metals and reducing effects of radiation. They are barley grass, alfalfa leaf, spirulina, wheat grass and oatgrass.

Probiotic Blend

(600 million viable colonies) acidophilus, B. bifidum L. helveticus, L. casei ssp. casei, L. plantarum, L salivarius, B infantis, B longum, Lcasei ssp. Rhamnosus, L Sporogenes, Papain

Digestive Enzymes

Bromelain, Amylase, lipase , protease , Protease, Trypsin, Taurine, Ox Bile (desiccated),

Ox Bile Extract (45 percent Cholic Acid) – contains lipase enzymes to break down dietary fat.* Plus, it includes other natural substances to help emulsify fat into small easy-to-process and easily absorbed micro-droplets

Antioxidant Blend

Breaks down and removes free radicals: Bioflavonoids, SOD, Catalase, Co-Enzyme Q10, DNA, Glutathione, Cellulose, Rutin


This is a rich source of iodine to keep the thyroid functioning properly and help with metabolism.  It also relaxes the body and promotes a better nights sleep.

Aloe Vera

This medicinal plant has been used for centuries both externally and internally and in known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. It helps with constipation and acid reflux.

Reishi and Shiitake mushrooms

They are an important immune booster  due to the anti-viral compounds called beta glucans which can help fight infections and flu. They help us produce more t-cells to fight viruses. Studies show that white blood cells exposed to the reishi extract showed marked increase in activity, communicating more with other immune cells and reproducing more rapidly.

Salmon Oil

Salmon oil serves as an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids,

Betaine HCI

Betaine HCl can dramatically help people with low stomach acid.

Octacosanol is used to improve exercise performance including strength, stamina, and reaction time.

Important for cell membranes and for the production of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine, which has a role in memory and muscle control.


balances the immune system and can help heal intestinal problems such as leaky gut syndrome and other permeability issues naturally.

Bee Pollen

protects against radiation

Omega 3 

lowers inflammation levels and boosts the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory drugs, helps alleviate depression


benefits the blood and lungs by slowing hardening of the arteries and reducing cholesterol

Flax seed

a good source of fiber and omega 3’s which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

Royal jelly

has been studied for a variety of actions, including antibiotic, antitumor, lowering blood pressure, and regulating the immune system. Helps to fight the effects of aging.

Apple Pectin

a source of soluble fiber which helps digestion

Fiber helps maintain healthy movement in our digestive tract, promotes a healthy weight and lowers the risk of diabetes and heart disease

Thymus boosts the immune system and to treat autoimmune diseases

Siberian Ginseng increases energy and alleviates general fatigue

Grape Seed (extract), increases circulation

The Herbal Blend for Immune System Support

ALOE VERA – helps protein digestion, ant-inflammatory

CHICKWEED – reduces inflammation of upper GI tract

DANDELION ROOT– increases enzyme production to help in digestion

ECHINACEA ROOT immune system enhancer

GINKO BILOBA LEAF benefits circulation

GOTA KOLA improves mental alertness

GOLDENSEAL ROOT helps the intestine in the digestion of fats

HAWTHORNE BERRY this is an excellent antioxidant for the heart, protects blood vessels

JUNIPER BERRY supports the urinary system

LICORICE ROOT reduces inflammation of the stomach lining, and decreases stomach acid

PARSLEY ROOT enhances the digestive system

PEPPERMINT LEAF good for reducing inflammation and relieving intestinal cramps

PASSION FLOWER aids in digestion

SAW PALMETTO BERRY for kidney and bladder support

VALERIAN ROOT stimulates digestion

YELLOW DOCK ROOT strengthens detoxification functions of the liver

Organic Beet (root), helps protect cells, proteins and enzymes from environmental stress.

White Pine Bark (extract) an antioxidant that stimulates blood flow and supports the immune system

Purpurea Root

Immune enhancing effects of Echinacea purpurea root extract by reducing regulatory T cell number and function.

Why Take Immune Supporting Supplements?

We often don’t get all the nutrients our bodies need through food alone. It is very easy to fall short of getting all the nutrients based on our food choices and availability.

Unless we eat a diet filled with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and also organic protein we don’t necessarily get many critical nutrients into our bodies on a day to day basis. Also, if we are following a particular restricted diets or land up in a place where these types of foods are just not available, supplementing in crucial.

Age Factors that influence our nutritional needs.

Adults over the age of 60 have decreased levels of anti-oxidants, calcium and Vitamin D which increases the risk of infections, malignancy, and autoimmune disorders.

Digestive enzyme production slows down with age. This means that our ability to absorb nutrients is reduced.

Perfect Pass Immune Support comes in capsules or powder and includes digestive enzymes, a balanced nutrient ratio and anti-oxidants will help all your systems function at proper levels.

Further Reading on the importance of boosting the Immune System

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