Multipure Aquadome

This countertop unit is easy to use and install. It connects directly to the faucet on your kitchen sink with a hose and diverter valve. TheMultipure Aquadome Countertop dual-hose design enables you to choose between filtered water or unfiltered water. 

Benefits of the Multipure Aquadome Countertop Water Purifier:

  • Better tasting 
  • Improves flavor of coffee and tea.
  • Improves taste of prepared foods, fruits and vegetables
  • High quality for cooking; pasta, soups, etc.
  • Great for pets
  • Backed by an outstanding customer satisfaction guarantee and warranty
  • Cost effective and diminishes the need for bottled water
  • Easy set up that doesn’t require tools
  • Perfect for travel; take it with you in your RV, boat or office.

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Pam Nathan

Multipure Independent Distributor, ID#431074