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Reg’Activ Lactobacillus Fermentum ME-3 for Lipemia & Oxidative Stress

Lactobacillus Fermentum ME-3 Research – Lipemia & Oxidative Stress

Research was published in the Central European Journal of Biology to  show that Lactobacillus Fermentum ME-3 helps lipemia and Oxidative Stress.

Central European Journal of Biology. 2011;Vol. 6(1): pp. 32-40.

Title: An antioxidant probiotic reduces postprandial lipemia and oxidative stress. Journal:

Authors: Tiiu Kullisaar, Jelena Shepetova, Kersti Zilmer, Epp Songisepp, Aune Rehema, Marika Mikelsaar, Mihkel Zilmer

Subjects: One hundred clinically healthy volunteers (75 females, 25 males, age 40-65 years) were recruited into a double-blind placebo-controlled randomized study. For various reasons, 25 people in the control group and 2 in the treated group dropped out. Hence, the results are based on 48 treated subjects and 25 controls.

Study Design: This study utilized kefir with ME-3 added as the test agent and kefir without any probiotic as the control agent. Both kefir solutions were identical nutrient composition, color, taste, and caloric value. Volunteers all consumed an identical standard meal.

Testing: After a 2-week introductory period, baseline blood and urine samples were obtained 2.5 hours after ingestion of the standard meal. Then volunteers also ingested 200 ml of kefir with ME-3 or control kefir daily for two weeks and were then re-tested.

Results: Volunteers ingesting kefir containing ME-3 exhibited the following:
a) -16% in oxidized LDL-cholesterol (reduces cardiovascular disease risks) b) -20% in 8-isoprostanes (reduction in free radical damage)
c) 10% increase in HDL-cholesterol (not shown on graph)
d) 18% increase in paraoxonase enzyme activity (PON1) which regulates
detoxification of pesticides and provides antioxidant activity (not on graph) e) 10% decline in triglycerides (not shown on graph)


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