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Probiotics: Do Fortified Foods Have an Impact?

Do probiotics which have been added to foods really help us?

probioticsIt’s too soon to tell. Mens Journal just published an article about probiotics showing up in foods. Health food manufacturers have been fortifying foods such as granola, cold-brew coffee, and kale chips to market towards health conscious consumers. Unfortunately, there is no science to back this up yet.

What we do know is that the right probiotics are good for our gut. Certain strains are more effective than others. Most people are lacking in good gut bacteria and could stand to increase their numbers and diversity.

How do we know which bacteria are able to thrive in our gut?

The most research, including human clinical trials, has been done on the Bacillus strain. This strain is heat resistant and can withstand the acidity in our gut. Once bacillus strains are thriving in our gut they perform many functions to improve our health.

  • Rid the body of bad bacteria
  • Help us produce enzymes which digest our food
  • Produce over 15 antibiotics
  • Boost our immune system
  • Regulate the “feel good” chemicals in our brain

Remember that it’s always beneficial to obtain probiotics from a whole foods diet which has naturally occurring probiotics. If you are taking a probiotic supplement check the label and make sure it contains the Bacillus spores. It’s best to treat probiotic enriched foods with a healthy dose of skepticism.


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