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Are Probiotics and Prebiotics Good for Treating IBS?

IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome

If you suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), you might deal with issues like a bloated belly or uncomfortable cramps on a regular basis.

These IBS symptoms are not fun health problems to have, but they can often be treated by taking probiotics and prebiotics, as many people are finding out.

What are probiotics and prebiotics?

How do you take them, and do they really treat IBS?

We’re going to tell you all about it.

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are good strains of bacteria that live in your gut. These friendly bacteria occur naturally when a body is healthy. When someone is overrun by stress, consuming a poor diet, or taking antibiotics, the good bacteria count that we rely on for wellness can be wiped out.

Destroying the friendly bacteria in our body is not a good thing because, in addition to these gut helpers, our intestines also house bad bacteria. These microbes are also present naturally. And they can flourish and take over the good guys when a person eats too much red meat, dairy, fat, and sugar.

Probiotics are live strains of bacteria that you can take, in food or supplement form, to keep the balance of good and bad bacteria harmonious. When you take probiotics, you ensure that your gut always has the friendly helpers it needs to keep the bad guys from destroying the intestinal lining.

IBS and Probiotics

People who suffer from IBS often have a disproportionate amount of bad to good bacteria in their intestines. The plethora of bad microorganisms eats away at the protective gut lining that keeps toxins out of the blood stream. When toxins escape the intestines and get into parts of the body where they shouldn’t be, all kinds of problems arise, including IBS.

Taking a probiotic regularly can counteract the various effects of poor lifestyle choices like eating the wrong foods and not managing stress properly. Still, this treatment method is only effective to a point. While consuming a probiotic supplement like Perfect Pass Probiotics is helpful for maintaining good gut health, it’s not an excuse to eat bad food or lead a stressful lifestyle.


Until recently, many people thought that taking a good probiotic was enough to keep the gut healthy. But professionals are now learning that consuming a prebiotic, such as Perfect Pass Prebiotics, is essential too.

Prebiotics are not bacteria at all. They’re beneficial carbohydrate and fiber complexes that act as food for good bacteria. They are what the friendly microbes feed off of in order to flourish and be strong enough to keep the bad guys in check.

Perfect Pass Probiotics and Perfect Pass Prebiotics

For the ultimate healthy gut, we recommend you take regular doses of Perfect Pass Probiotics and Perfect Pass Prebiotics. These supplements can effectively treat IBS symptoms by providing the digestive tract with what it needs to keep things harmonious and working efficiently.

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