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Why Taking Prebiotics Can Boost Probiotic Health As Well

Taking Prebiotics Can Boost Probiotic Health

While probiotics are known to promote healthy digestion by providing a supplement of good bacteria in the intestinal tract, prebiotics are a kind of fiber that assist natural bacteria that is already present in the intestines and colon. When taken together regularly, probiotics and prebiotics can help improve digestion and create a healthy gut.

Perfect Pass has both. The probiotic capsules work hand-in-hand with the prebiotic formula to help foster a healthy balance of bacteria in the intestinal tract. Prebiotics are essential to help promote a healthy place for the probiotic bacteria to grow, and they bolster the effectiveness of probiotics.

The Perfect Pass Prebiotic capsules help all the beneficial microbes in your digestive system to grow while controlling the bad microbe species that cause inflammation and irritation in the gut. The prebiotic formula doesn’t contain any additives and is derived from partially hydrolyzed guar gum, a plant that is broken down into natural enzymes for the supplement. While most products may contain additives, such as gluten, milk, wheat, soy, yeast or animal products, this product’s pure plant-extracted formula doesn’t.

Prebiotics help probiotics

Meanwhile, the Perfect Pass Probiotics, are also free of gluten, milk, wheat, soy, yeast, peanuts, corn and animal products. Additionally, the Perfect Pass Probiotic capsules are compatible with the human microbiome, whereas other probiotic supplements are not. Since probiotics are found in dairy-based foods, many of the supplements are derived from dairy. But Perfect Pass Probiotics are not. They’re extracted from spores that the body recognizes as its’ own and can cooperate with the human body.

The capsules also contain three species of Bacillus endospore, a strain of probiotics that can survive digestion and detoxify the intestinal tract. In addition to working to help those who are struggling with Crohn’s, Irritable Bowel and Colitis, probiotics also serve as a preventative supplement to create a healthy digestive tract.

When probiotics are properly supported by prebiotics, they are more effective in reducing inflammation and controlling small intestinal bacteria growth. This is especially helpful for anyone suffering from crippling episodes as a result of Crohn’s and IBS. If you’re already taking a regular probiotic, try taking a prebiotic and you’ll see how much more healthy you feel as a result of empowering the probiotic’s strength!

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