Probiotic Supplements vs Yogurt: The Battle for Best Bacteria

Probiotic Supplements vs Yogurt: The Battle for Best Bacteria

Whether you just heard about the benefits of probiotic bacteria, or you’ve known about it for years, you can expect to hear a lot more about it in the future. But before you frantically stock up on yogurt, miso soup, and tempeh – all foods that are known for their belly-calming probiotic benefits – consider the benefits of choosing a probiotic supplement over yogurt as your main source of good gut bacteria.

Let’s talk about the pros of taking good-quality probiotic supplements vs yogurt, a food that’s only rising in popularity:

  • Probiotic supplements are convenient. Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but some of us just aren’t the type to get up early enough for breakfast (or even a piece of fruit). A probiotic supplement is especially great when you have to skip breakfast, as you can take it on an empty stomach without risking the nausea your multivitamin might give you. In fact…
  • Probiotics are most effective when taken in a “fasted” state. We aren’t advocating anyone skip breakfast, as there are far too many studies that hail the benefits of eating soon after you wake. However, if you start your day off with a probiotic first thing, you’ll feel the benefits more before than after you throw back that berry granola. Think prevention, not cure.
  • You can still enjoy your favorite foods. While a balanced, healthy diet is a crucial component of keeping good bacteria in your stomach, a probiotic supplement doesn’t completely depend on the perfect balance of minerals and nutrients in your diet to maintain effectiveness –  meaning the occasional cookie and bag of chips won’t make everything fall apart. In fact, it will likely help you digest those items better.
  • Not feeling well? You don’t have to stuff your stomach. Whether the flu makes yogurt unappetizing or you simply ate a large hoagie and don’t have room for that yogurt you packed, you’ll still reap the benefits of probiotics with a supplement.
  • You’ll always know you’re getting the most effective bacteria in a good probiotic supplement. Honestly, you never really know what strains of bacteria are in yogurt, and whether they truly make an impact on your gut. In addition, many sweetened yogurts have more sugar than a Twinkie. When you grab that popular name-brand yogurt, you could be taking chances on gaining weight and won’t even reap the benefits of great bacteria. Supplements give you just the good stuff, without any fillers, sugars, or bad bacteria.
  • Supplements don’t go bad as quickly as yogurt. How often have you bought a bunch of yogurt on sale, only to have to toss it because you couldn’t eat it fast enough? When it comes to probiotics, you don’t want to have to rely on your mood (do I really feel like eating yogurt for the fifth day in a row?) or your appetite to get a healthier digestive system.

Of course, some probiotic supplements are better than others, and quality counts. A great thing about buying online is the ability to subscribe to a good probiotic, so if you tend to forget to reorder, they’ll be in your mailbox just when you need them, and you’ll never miss the benefits.

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