Gut Instinct

Gut Instinct
What’s good for the people in the family is often beneficial to the canine contingent; in this way, interest in digestive health products for dogs is on an upward path.​ Probiotics for our pets is on the rise and Lizett Bond tells us about pets, probiotics & digestive health.

As with human family members, a healthy digestive system for dogs plays a strong role in overall health.
When problems arise & an imbalance occurs, your pet can become susceptible to a host of conditions.

According to Matt Keller, brand manager of Supreme Source, a brand of Ogden, Utah-based American Pet Nutrition, digestive health is among consumers’ top concerns in the human health food category, & many pet owners are extending that focus to their pets’ food.

Keller says; “The sheer volume & daily barrage of research showing the benefits of digestive health has everyone buzzing about new super beverages & foods that protect and improve gut health. It’s a natural consequence that this strong affinity towards improving our own well-being, and that of our loved ones, includes furry family members.”

Sales & market trends indicate that brands focused on meeting the digestive needs of family pets are winning at the shelf, Keller added.

Derek J. Archambault, director of marketing, pet and retail, for FoodScience Corp. in Williston, Vt says as the overall health benefits of probiotics become more widely understood, the awareness is being reflected in pet supplements.

Archambault said​,​ “Pet health trends follow those in human health closely, and this is truly reflected in digestive health​. ​People are looking for natural health solutions, taking probiotics​ & ​utilizing specialty diets more than ever before.”

Probiotics help with digestion and gut health while boosting the immune system through short-chain fatty acids that prevent the growth of harmful bacteria’s such as E. coli and salmonella, said Immacula Pierre, CEO and co-founder of Iconic Paws in Woodbridge, Va.

“A healthy balance of good bacteria in the gut can help with everything from diarrhea and digestive problems to anxiety and even inflammation,” Pierre said. “Whether a dog is young and springy or getting up there in age, probiotics and prebiotics are an important part of any pet’s wellness routine.”

Kyla Sternlieb, founder and president of Under the Weather in South Burlington, Vt., noted that a study published in April 2017 by Healthy Paws, which compiled pet insurance claims data, found that stomach issues are the No. 1 reason for a trip to the veterinarian.

“These digestive problems might include vomiting and diarrhea, or an upset stomach due to stress and anxiety,” Sternlieb said. “It is very common for vets to suggest feeding a bland diet until a dog’s digestive tract settles down, giving it time to heal, and then weaning the dog back to its regular diet when healthy digestion is restored.”

At Pawz On Main in Cottonwood, Ariz., co-owner Denise Strong has noted an increase in the number of dogs experiencing digestive issues, and a corresponding call for product solutions. In answer, Strong carries a variety of selections, including foods formulated for sensitive stomachs or digestive issues, supplements and prebiotics.

“After a few weeks, pet owners notice that the dog’s digestion is better, as is the smell of their breath and their stools.”

​Visbiome unflavored packets is very popular for pets. Results are amazing!

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