Guide to Happiness

Guide to Happiness

People from all walks of life see me to help resolve their anxieties, stress, fears, lack of confidence and many other issues. When I advised my clients that in addition to our sessions to also read Self-Help and Motivational books, the majority of them kept telling me that they wished there was a Self-Help and Motivational book that got to the point from the very beginning and that offered easy to find tools and techniques that addressed their specific issues, instead of theory about problems they may not be currently facing.

I took note of what they said and to fulfill their request wrote “A Guide to Happiness.”
To me this is more than a book, it’s a mission. I have seen so many clients transform their lives using the tools and techniques described in the book that it is incumbent on me to share them with a broad audience.

One of the many aspects I address in ‘A Guide to Happiness’ as a way to increased happiness is tranquility.

Resolving of a majority of our personal situations and attainment of happiness is often facilitated and accelerated by having a tranquil frame of mind. Sometimes, life throws curved balls and challenges at us. However, if you catch them with tranquility, you are more likely to respond in a clear and logical manner. A state of tranquility will keep you in control and in the present or as it is also referred to, ‘the now’.

Alan Shein – author of ‘A Guide to Happiness’

When in a tranquil and relaxed state, there is far less tendency to over-react or say something that you will later regret. Equally important, when in this frame of mind, you are being kind to your body This happens because tranquility causes a reduction of the stress hormone, cortisol, from flooding into your body and harming your immune system.

Feeling tranquil and relaxed frees you to enjoy increased well-being, happiness and optimism. This state also tends to reduce physical stress and tension which can cause all sorts of mental, emotional and physical problems.

Practicing the quick techniques and tools offered in ‘A Guide to Happiness’ will help you be on your way to experiencing a life filled with a heightened sense of peace and serenity. When those curve balls come out of nowhere, you will be better prepared to catch them.

Tranquility makes for an easier and happier day.

Happiness isn’t a luxury: it is a necessity for each and every person.

Alan Shein was featured at the Health Living Festival in San Diego April 3rd, 2016