Autism Recovery Workshop

Autism Recovery Workshop

Part 2 of Karens workshop is ready. This is a online workshop so you can attend from your own living room! Yay!!!

CLICK HERE to watch it now.

In the first part of the workshop Karen talked about
Setting the foundation by healing the gut and why it’s so important.

Now she is going to shift gears and talk about
Stages 2 & 3, continued safe, natural steps to help clear the way.

Karen goes deep into the science of heavy metal detoxification
And shows you the strategies to test for and remove these
dangerous toxins from your child’s body, safely.

And let me be brutally upfront about this…
SO many doctors, and parents do this wrong.

Meaning, that your child not only doesn’t get better, but can actually end up worse off than when you started.

But when you follow the process Karen outlines in part 2 of the workshop, your child will detoxify more easily and safely.

Here’s what she’ll be sharing:

  • The safest, most effective way to naturally remove the
    heavy metal toxins from your child
    that is backed by studies.
  • The most important reasons why NOT
    To use pharmaceutical drugs to chelate or remove heavy metals
    (and most don’t know about this at all)
  • The natural test for heavy metals, and it’s
  • The #1 reason why children stay sick
    … and how to easily fix it.

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