Arnica -The Best Injury Remedy

Arnica -The Best Injury Remedy

The number one homeopathic remedy everyone needs in their medicine cabinet for all injuries is Arnica. We recommend our clients to always have Trauma Care on hand. This remedy provides ideals doses that speed up healing time of any internal tissue damaged by a major trauma such as an accident, surgery or sports injury.

Yes, this homeopathic remedy is ideal for any trauma, injuries and bruising. It is excellent for reducing swelling and redness. Not only can it be used for pain that is acute but also from everyday aches and pains  resulting from chronic conditions.

It is derived from a daisy-like plant native to the Swiss Alps. It has been used for centuries to reduce the uncomfortable swelling and bruising associated with a physical trauma.

TraumaCare provides a unqiue, controlled dosage regimen by combining prescription-strength and low-potency homeopathic Arnica Montana.

Clinically proven, it goes beyond treating pain. It speeds healing. Recommended by doctors, it has demonstrated a reduction in the amount of visible bruising in patients within the first day and even more dramatically one week later.

For Arnica from TraumaCare It is suggested to use 3 capsules of high potency Arnica 1M first and follow by 9 capsules of Arnica 12c – this is often all you need.

Clinical research has shown that when TraumaCare’s Arnica is taken before plastic surgery, patients recover in half the time in comparison to patients taking a placebo. Bruises and swelling disappear very quickly.

It speeds healing and is recommended by doctors, based on clinical research outcomes. Research shows a reduction in the amount of visible bruising in patients within the first day and even more dramatically one week later.

If you have a planned surgery and want to speed up your healing time, start taking TraumaCare one week before surgery and continue throughout your healing process. You will be amazed at how quickly bruises and swelling disappear.

Read a genuine case history of successful use of Arnica and Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic for wound healing


Sarah Gladstone, aged 99, accidentally fell while attending a musical review at the Convention Center in San Diego. She was taken to the Emergency Clinic at Scripps Memorial Hospital. She had fallen forward on to the back of the seat in front of her when she was inadevertantly pushed over by the neighboring attendee. There was a very deep gash in her shin that penetrated deeply, almost to her bone. The wound was cleaned, she was given a shot of antibiotics and several steri-strips were placed over the deep gash. The attending physician felt certain that she would need to have skin graft at a later stage. 

Sarah's home treatment plan was a combination taking OMX probiotics Professional Formula and Arnica. At first she used the high potency homeopathic Arnica and then she followed up with low potency doses, three times per day for 3 months. She also received a weekly acupuncture treatment. White Cicatrin antiseptic powder and red Mecurachrome liquid were applied topically to the wound to ensure superficial cleanliness 

Her recovery was astounding. Within 3 months, the wound healed completely, not requiring any skin grafts. 

Today, there is hardly a scar showing where the injury occurred. 

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