Acute Care

Acute Care

Nutritional supplements offer support to patients in acute care who are undernourished or at risk of malnutrition. Research shows that The Editor and Editorial Board of The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery will have proposals to publish supplements on topics germane to the Journal with supplement guidelines outlining the Journal's policies and procedures with Ernest E. Moore, MD. Irrespective of the underlying medical condition, nutrition support products provide protein, energy, minerals and vitamins. These products can be given as oral nutritional supplements (ONS), when there are no contraindications.

Dr. Pamela Nathan Recommends:

1. Arnica Trauma Care - ideal for trauma, injuries and bruising. Traumacare is excellent for reducing swelling and redness

2. Back - Relieves: Back Pain, Arthritis Pain, Joint Stiffness

3. UltraInflamX Plus 360° - Advanced Support for the Nutritional Management of Compromised Gut Function in IBD

4. Prime One - a non-toxic, herbal formula that can deliver significant energy, superior vitality, and maximum strength

5. 5-HTP (5-Hydroxtryptophan) - encourages increased serotonin levels in the brain to promote a heightened state of emotional well-being, support appetite control and sleep/wake cycles

6. Oegano -Oregano oil has been shown to aid in the removal of Candida Albicans, and yeast overgrowth in the gut

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