Acid Alkaline Ph Balance In The Gut Is So Important

Acid Alkaline Ph Balance In The Gut Is So Important

I had the honor of meeting Emmanuel Jal in person on Friday night. It was one those serendipitous evenings – they don’t happen often, but, when they do, wow, they’re very powerful indeed. What an amazing human he is. For whatever the reason, watching the documentary that outlines is life experience as a child soldier surviving in the midst of chaos of South Sudan touched my heart. A young kid, no parents, no family, his gun his best friend because that’s what kept him alive and able survive.

I went directly to my car to get the $50 that I was going to spend on a massage the following day and instantly signed up for his Lose To Win donation program and committed to do same next month – I felt happy to ‘lose’ the money, for the kids in Leer, South Sudan to ‘win’. It felt so good to feel like a global citizen, conscious and paying attention to world suffering, instead of focusing solely on the life of ‘luxury’ that only 2% percentage of the world population experience, as we do in the US, with clean, running water, a bed to sleep on, electricity and the list goes on.

But the most exhilarating and unexpected part of the whole experience was the time that he and I got to chat while he signed my copy of his rap CD called ‘War Crimes’. Not even sure how the conversation steered in that direction, however, he started to tell me how his people in South Sudan are more prone to chronic disease patterns today than they used to be because they don’t live according to the seasons any more. One of the examples he used was that now milk is available to them all year round which has resulted in their digestive systems being more ‘acidic’ than before when it was only available in ‘dairy season’. He discussed the importance of the acid alkaline pH balance in depth.

My face lit up instantly. This is what I am constantly reminding clients about. Our usual Western diets are loaded with acidic foods and unless we make a concerted effort to do it differently, we too, are prone to many chronic conditions as a result of a constant acidic digestive system. The acid alkaline pH balance of the gut is so important. And in reality it is very easy for anyone to keep an eye on that acid alkaline pH balance on a regular basis.

I am always encouraging them to make use of a simple litmus paper test, just one time per day, the first urine stream in the a.m. This way they have a rough idea how their pH acid alkaline balance is doing, i.e. does the litmus paper show an acidic reading and if so they can make the appropriate changes to the food they eat that day, as well as the type of supplements they take so as to encourage alkalinity, which allows the ecology of the gut to be healthy and be a perfect breeding ground for probiotics to thrive. I find that, unless there is a severe dysbiosis present, most people are able to change a more acidic pH merely by using Perfect Food Caps by Garden of Life, starting with one and then increasing by one each day, until you get to the amount that keeps the pH stable on a daily basis.

Needless to say, the two of us went off at a tangent about these nutritional issues that were so important to both of us, enjoying each other’s version of the same principles – I laughed when he said to his manager, “Tania, now this lady knows exactly what I have been telling you!”

So he’s off to Toronto now, after a few days in Los Angeles, and then Ireland. We agreed that our paths would meet again and laid out a plan to do an interview with him in the near future.

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