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Perfect Pass Probiotics FAQ’s

How long does it take for Perfect Pass Probiotics to be most effective?

The bacillus spore strains that are found in Perfect Pass Probiotics are transient microorganisms. They don’t stay in the gut forever. They go in, perform their function and then they leave. They are known as commensal organisms

This is a very important factor as it helps keep their numbers in the digestive tract relatively low which means that every daily dose has an effect.

When you’re taking them on a daily basis, it takes about 21 days to reach a steady state of concentration in the gut. This is when they are most effective in regulating digestive function.

Taking Perfect Pass Prebiotics at the same time will provide the soluble fiber needed to encourage the growth of your own good bacteria. The spores can also increase the growth of the good bacteria.

Between the spores being present and an increase of fiber from the prebiotics, you are encouraging a balanced microbiome.

Can I take Perfect Pass Probiotics if I’m pregnant or breast feeding?

Yes. It’s best to start slowly — 2 times the first week, every alternate day the second week and then daily after that.

What is the correct dose? Is it better to split the dose? What is the best time to take them?

Its best to take 1 per day only, not split it uptake and take the full dose of probiotics each time. It’s best taken about 10-20 minutes after a meal.

Why? The amino acids and carbohydrates in food help the spores change from their dormant, spore form to their active, vegetative form in the digestive tract.

There is great immune benefit when the spores germinate into their vegetative form in the upper digestive tract and so taking the probiotics soon after a meal – about 10-20 minutes afterwards is ideal.

Will the spores still work if I open the capsule?

Yes. This is the best way to give it to children. It can be opened by pulling the small capsule apart. Then mix the powder into food or drink. It is stable at any temperature. This means that it can even be mixed into hot tea, coffee or soup. The powder deos not have a taste.

Can I give Perfect Pass Probiotic to my cats & dogs?

Yes, the strains are universal probiotics and are used in all types of animals and livestock throughout the world, including marine life. Take one capsule, pull it apart and sprinkle it on their food.

Is it possible to experience a healing crisis when I start using Perfect Pass probiotics?

It is always possible to experience a healing crisis when you first start killing off bacteria, yeast or other pathogens. This is called a Herxheimer Reaction.

We recommend that you start by taking Perfect Pass Probiotics 2 times in the first week, and then every alternate day in the second week and the daily after that. If you do experience a Herxheimer reaction, decrease the dose to eliminate any symptoms.

Why do I see some black flecks or yellow coloring in the capsules?

The strains used range from white and yellow in color to black or slightly gray in appearance and when they are mixed together that may be evident in the capsules.

The probiotics are a pure fermentation extract and that’s why there isn’t uniformity in color. The natural variation is quite common from batch to batch. The formula is actually tested routinely for about four times before it reaches the end consumer.

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