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Perfect Pass Probiotic Human Strain is Here

Perfect Pass Probiotic Is Now Available

PerfectPass-Probiotic-FrontGood Gut Solution is proud to announce the launch of our unique product, Perfect Pass Probiotic. Perfect Pass Probiotic is an example of the dramatic scientific and clinical shift in the therapeutic use of specific strains of beneficial micro-organisms. The Human Microbiome Project has completely changed our perspective.

The True Healing Probiotics

There is a type of bacillus species of probiotic that is extremely adaptable to the human gut. They co-evolved with human beings and are the true “human strain” probiotics. Their genetics and metabolism are uniquely suited to the oxygen free, anaerobic environment of the human gastro-intestinal tract.

These probiotics don’t simply “help symptoms”, they conduct a healing response that can help control inflammation and repair damaged tissue.

You only need 1 capsule a day with a 3 billion CFU count.

They all survive!

They thrive in your gut environment, they colonize and reproduce effortlessly.
Their greatest benefit of all is that they help restore dysbiosis and promote microbiome diversity….exactly what the Human Microbiome Project taught us which is the most important aspect of gut health.

Perfect Pass Probiotic are far more healing and have many more benefits than typical probiotics:

  • They manufacturer antibiotics that selectively control the populations of bad microbes.
  • They make B-vitamins, Co-Enzyme Q10, digestive enzymes, nattokinase, Vitamin K-2 and carotenoids.
  • They increase the populations and diversity of your microbiome.
  • They improve and modulate your gut immunity called GALT.
  • The bacillus strains of probiotics contained in Perfect Pass Probiotics naturally form an “endospore” which passes through your digestive tract, stomach acids, bile and pancreatic enzymes 100 % intact.
  • They act like “law enforcement” inside your gut, orchestrating critical functions, controlling unruly residents and maintaining a healthy, vibrant community in which to thrive.

The Human Microbiome Project Changed Everything

The results of the Human Microbiome Project have left scientists in many disciplines shocked by the astounding findings. Researchers mapped the genome of the micro-organisms living in us and on us and uncovered something none of them expected.

You have between 500 to 1000 strains of microbes living inside your gut. Those strains make up a population of about 100 trillion microorganisms. These numbers and this level of diversity was a complete shock and as a result everything we thought about gut micro-organisms and probiotic supplements has changed.

Typical Probiotics No Longer Make Sense

This astounding diversity and huge numbers of organisms caused scientists to rethink what’s important. Taking a few strains of micro-organisms in a supplement when you have 500 to 1000 strains inside your gut all of a sudden seems ridiculous. What became very clear to the researchers was the importance of diversity.

It turns out that all these micro-organisms function together, support each other like one giant community. Adding a few strains is insignificant unless the strains survive, colonize and most importantly support the entire diverse community. The typical lactobacillus and bifidus species that make up the vast majority of supplements today do not support your microbiome like originally suspected.

They are able to produce some results in some people but almost always symptomatic relief, not actually reversal of the problem. It is a transient immune response but not a true healing of inflammation needed by people with more serious conditions. (Crohns, colitis, IBS, SIBO, leaky gut, etc.)

Our Perfect Pass Probiotic contains the Bacillus strains proven to have the most therapeutic and powerful effect inside your gut. You don’t need to take massive doses, no refrigeration necessary and one capsule a day gives benefits many times more powerful than the most potent lactobacillus and bifidus probiotics.

We also know that microbiome diversity is dramatically enhanced with the ingestion of a proven prebiotic. It’s a specific food source for probiotic micro-organisms.

Our Perfect Pass Prebiotic provides the ideal food source for the 500 to 1000 beneficial micro-organism species living in your gut. The combination of our Perfect Pass Prebiotic and Probiotic is the ideal way to promote diversity and heal the gut.

The Human Microbiome Project has given us extremely valuable information and new insights for treating and healing your gastro-intestinal tract. The probiotic supplementation of the past has no doubt helped many people. However new understandings bring new discoveries and new products. The probiotics (and prebiotics) of the present and the future offer much more powerful benefits based on the remarkable discovery of microbiome diversity.

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  • Terrence

    I am interested in trying the New Bacillus Probiotic, but very concern of the limited research on the safety of these strains used. After many research, I found info that questions its safety and can be of risk for those with low immunity. I am just not sure. Can someone please help with scientific proof that strains cannot be of any treat to our health. Thanks. This old article have pointed out some issues. Please help me on this ans assure the saftey of Perfect Pass Probiotic. http://www.essentialformulas.com/news/Nan_Fuchs_September_Newslet.pdf

    • Hi Terrence,
      Thanks for your inquiry. A lot of new information has come to the forefront since the time that article was written.

      I’d like to tell you that Perfect Pass Probiotics contain only 3 bacillus strains, each of which were studied extensively for safety and proper characterization by London University Department of Microbiology. They are the global leaders in bacillus species research. Each strain has had its genome completely sequenced and every gene analyzed for pathogenic capability and found to have absolutely none. These are perfectly safe, human derived strains. In fact, bacillus species are the worlds most widely used probiotics and have been prescription drugs for over 60 years. They are used more extensively in hospitals, clinics and as prescriptions than any lactobacillus or bifidobacterium species.

      There are a number of published studies that illustrate the safety of bacillus species as probiotics, here are examples:

      The safety of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus indicus as food probiotics
      H.A. Hong, J.-M. Huang, R. Khaneja, L.V. Hiep, M.C. Urdaci and S.M. Cutting
      Journal of Applied Microbiology ISSN 1364-5072

      The authors concluded: “Bacillus indicus and B. subtilis should be considered safe for oral use…” and “The results support the use of B. subtilis and B. indicus strains as food supplements.”

      Here is another paper we can quote that describes the long history of use of bacillus species as probiotics.

      The use of bacterial spore formers as probiotics Huynh A. Hong, Le Hong Duc, Simon M. Cutting *
      School of Biological Sciences, Royal Holloway University of London, Egham, Surrey TW20 0EX, UK
      Received 26 July 2004; received in revised form 6 October 2004; accepted 8 December 2004

      The paper above describes 21 different bacillus based probiotic products worldwide that have been marketed and used for decades, many of them are prescription drugs due to their safety and efficacy. If bacillus species were such a danger as described in the opinion piece, they certainly would not be marketed globally and certain not in hospitals.

      Here is a summary on the overall safety of bacillus species:

      The safety of Bacillus species has been extensively reviewed elsewhere (DE BOER and DIDERICHSEN, 1991; ISHIBASHI and YAMAZAKI, 2001; LOGAN, 2004; OSIPOVA et al., 1998; SANDERS et al., 2003; SCAN, 2000a) and most incidences of illness associated with Bacillus appear to result for opportunistic infections or miss-diagnosis. Extensive animal studies including acute and sub-chronic toxicity testing as well as in vitro studies have now been performed on a number of species, including B. subtilis var. Natto (HONG et al., 2008), B. indicus (HONG et al., 2008), B. coagulans (ENDRES et al., 2009) and B. subtilis 2335 (SOROKULOVA et al., 2008) and B. licheniformis 2336 (SOROKULOVA et al., 2008). All appear to show no indicators of adverse effects.

      • Terrence

        Thanks Dr. Nathan,
        Thanks for sharp response. Thanks very much for all supporting documents. I would download them and do some studies on it. I am very happy your clear this issue.

        I have been trying hard for over 10yrs to replenish my gut health and system balance from chronic infection and very high count of Klebsiella Pneumonea bacteria (Super bug). It has been making me loose so much weight over the years. I used all type of probiotic but just seem to ease symptom, but something still not quite doing the job of bringing back that complete balanced feeling.

        Ques- Does the perfect pass probiotic have the ability to aid digestion of protein and carbs? I have used many enzymes also and did not help at all.

        2) One last concern about bacillus, I see you mention on the website its human strain, but from other research I did they are refereed to as Soil Base Organism (SBO), I don’t understand that part?

        3) Also, since they are very hardy strains can they ever become like resistant bug in itself from antibiotics treatment and give way to even more superbugs?

        Sorry for too much questions, this is just new to me (Bacillus) and I need to seriously restore stomach balance from irritation, bad digestion, pathogen overgrowth, inflammation etc etc for over 15yrs. So please work with me. I really want to start trying your product. I know many other people with similar problems struggling to get balance back.

        You are very precious and doing your best to help many people. You are truly Blessed.

        • Excellent questions!

          1) Does the Perfect Pass Probiotic have the ability to aid digestion of protein and carbs? I have used many enzymes also and did not help at all.

          Answer: Yes! Bacillus is one of the most potent producers of digestive enzymes both in vivo and in vitro. In fact, much of the commercial protease enzyme sold in the market comes from bacillus fermentation as they produce high yields of protease when they are growing. With these strains you will not need any digestive enzymes and also you will feel the improved digestion effects. They produce protease, peptidase, lipase, cellulase, amylase, etc. all at the site of action. They are extremely important for proper digestion.

          2) One last concern about bacillus, I see you mention on the website its human strain, but from other research I did they are refereed to as Soil Base Organism (SBO), I don’t understand that part?

          Answer: They are not officially classified as “soil based organisms” as their true home is in the human gut. However, they are abundantly found in the soil because they use the soil/environment to transfer from host to host. They are a unique commensal organism that gets introduced to its host via the environment. Most of the other commensals in your gut came from mom during child birth and breast feeding.

          The other VERY important distinction between bacillus and true SBOs (as are found in Prescript Assist), is that bacillus is found in higher concentrations in the gut than the environment. A true SBO is found in much higher concentrations in the soil than in the body, typically trace amounts in the body. A true SBO also lives out most of its life-cycle in the soil, whereas bacillus is often found in its inactive spore state in the soil as the soil is not an ideal growth place for the organism.

          Many erroneously call them “soil based organisms” because they are found in the soil nearly everywhere.

          3) Also, since they are very hardy strains can they ever become like resistant bug in itself from antibiotics treatment and give way to even more superbugs?

          Answer: They are naturally resistant to many common antibiotics themselves as antibiotics are not designed to target them since the native, probiotic strains of bacillus do not cause disease. They also cannot transfer any antibiotic resistant genes to other bacteria because they dont hold these genes on plasmids, rather its found in their chromosomes.

          In Europe they are used as a prescription drug for treatment during antibiotic treatment specifically because they are resistant and can work to protect the body even in the presence of antibiotics. Keep in mind that most modern antibiotics are not random compounds found in nature, they are compounds that have been specifically synthesized to target certain bacteria by going after certain metabolic mechanisms of that species.

          Since there has never been a need to develop an antibiotic against bacillus probiotics, they are immune to the common ones used today. This is true for many bacterial species that exist in the environment and have been around for thousands of years.

          The Time article below, describes the discovery of ancient 4 million year old cave bacteria that are resistant to all modern antibiotics. A “super-bug” is a pathogenic, infective organism that is resistant to treatment. If a strain that is completely benign, has no pathogenic genes is resistant, it is not a super-bug as it doesn’t cause disease.

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