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Perfect Pass Prebiotic is Here

           Perfect Pass Prebiotic Is Now Available!


Perfect Pass Prebiotic

Perfect Pass Prebiotic

Good Gut Solution is proud to announce the launch of our newest product, Perfect Pass Prebiotic. It has always been our goal to bring you products that work to re-establish the ecology and health of the human gut. We have always been committed to keeping up with the latest research. The most exciting discovery we have seen in many years is the healing power of prebiotics.

There has been more research on the human microbiota  (i.e. the microorganisms that inhabit our gastro-intestinal system) in the past 3 years than the prior 50 years. With the completion of a massive scientific undertaking called the Human Microbiome Project, we now have a completely new understanding of how our 100 trillion gut bacteria contribute to both health and disease.

                                    It’s All About Diversity

As a result of this massive study, scientists have dramatically changed their view about what a “healthy microbiome” really is. The study provided quite a shock. Did you know that the human gut houses between 500 and 1000 different species of microorganisms? And what’s more, the more diversity of good bacteria you have, the healthier you are. It’s not a few species of bacteria that provide better health, it is the many different species cooperating together.

One of the big revelations had to do with taking probiotic supplements. The focus of supplements has been on 2 species (Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria) and a few different strains of those species. The science revealed that adding these species has little effect on creating a healthy and diverse microbiome. And it explains why the study of lactobacillus and bifidobacteria are so controversial and confusing.

                                  Diversity Leads To Healing

There are millions of people today with gastrointestinal conditions (IBS, crohn’s, colitis, diarrhea, constipation etc.) who do get some relief but unfortunately, no real healing. It’s as if taking probiotics gives some symptomatic relief, but if you stop taking them symptoms return. However when you focus your therapeutic efforts on improving the diversity of beneficial microbes with prebiotics you can actually heal an inflamed and damaged gut.

In fact, because of the Human Microbiome Project we can now recognize the disease you have based on the diversity and type of microbes in your gut. So the real question is how do you improve the diversity of your entire microbiome?

                  Prebiotic ImproveS Overall Microbiome Diversity

Prebiotics are the perfect fertilizer for the good bacteria in your gut. By selectively feeding your beneficial microbes their diversity increases, their numbers increase , their strength to control their environment increases and the bad microbes lose their stronghold. This sets up the ideal healing environment.

The research on prebiotics has always shown their ability to improve microbiome diversity but so little was understood regarding how important diversity was.

Now that we understand that diversity is everything, science took a look at the absolute best prebiotic to improve diversity and the ratio between good and bad microbes.

     Prebiotic is Mandatory No Matter What Probiotic You Take

We now highly recommend to everybody that you include a proven prebiotic in your daily supplementation no matter what probiotic you use. The vast majority of probiotic supplements do not improve diversity so the best you can hope for is some symptom relief. But when you use the right prebiotic all the beneficial organisms in your gut are “fertilized” including the ones in your supplement and you put yourself on a true course for healing.

                     There Is Only One Optimal Prebiotic – Perfect Pass

A prebiotic is a specific type of fiber found in a variety of plant foods. The two kinds of probiotic that have been around the longest are inulin and FOS. Both have some benefit but we believe they have too many downsides. They cause gas and bloating in many people and are often too harsh for people with IBS, crohn’s disease and colitis.

We developed our Perfect Pass Prebiotic with the goal in mind to give you the ideal product to feed your personal microbiome without any of the downside. With 89 studies ….and counting ..to its credit the ideal prebiotic and the main ingredient in our Perfect Pass Prebiotic is called PHGG, which stands for Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum.

PHGG comes from the guar bean and it has been broken down by natural enzymes into the perfect molecular size. Your beneficial microbes thrive on it while the bad guys starve. Our Perfect Pass Prebiotic can be taken by anyone, no matter how sensitive your gut may be. It is odorless, tasteless, with no grit and dissolves almost instantly in water.

Take advantage of our New Year’s Perfect Pass Prebiotic Special, only available to you, our exclusive loyal customers, and blog post readers, for the month of January 2015.  Your preorder purchase price is $29.37 – 30% off the retail price of $41.95.  Use Coupon Code PERFECT1 at check out and be one of the first on the list to be receiving this valuable supplement as soon as we have it in stock.

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