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Organic Foods and IBS

IBS sufferers who take several medications just to get through the day might want to add a natural treatment for IBS to their routines. Some people are turning to an organic diet as an IBS treatment, either as their sole treatment or along with other treatment methods.

If you’ve been taking medicine after medicine, with no cure for your IBS in sight, think about committing to an ultra-clean diet with organic foods to help manage (or cure) your condition. Many people with IBS have thought, “there must be another way,” and they’ve researched the importance of eating organic when it comes to certain foods.

Why Organic?

Many fruits and vegetables, and some other foods like coffee and tea, are sprayed with heavy amounts of chemical pesticides and herbicides. These arguably dangerous chemicals are meant to kill, even if their intended targets are small bugs. While many people, and the government, offer that these pesticides and herbicides are harmless to the human body, you might want to consider going the safe route by trying an organic diet. Even small doses of these substances, when consumed over time, can add up, and no one is sure what the result will be.

The Dirty Dozen

For those with IBS who are considering organic eating as a natural IBS treatment, it’s important to know that you don’t have to buy everything organic. Some fruits and vegetables aren’t sprayed with pesticides and herbicides as a rule, and some have thick skins that are discarded and not eaten, which means harmful chemicals probably don’t come into contact with the food’s flesh. The Environmental Working Group has a “Dirty Dozen” list of fruits and vegetables that are most heavily sprayed with chemical pesticides and herbicides. These are the foods you should buy organic if you want to explore natural treatments for IBS.

While eating organic isn’t a known cure for IBS, keeping any potentially dangerous toxins out of your gastrointestinal tract is a sound idea for maintaining a healthy bowel. In addition to any other treatments you may be exploring, it can do your body good (or at least not harm it at all) to turn to an organic diet.

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