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Organic Foods and Colitis

People suffering from colitis are often willing to undergo a range of treatments so that they can finally find relief from their painful condition. While prescription drugs are a popular colitis treatment for many, sometimes all it takes to make a difference in one’s health is turning to natural treatments like eating an organic diet.

Colitis sufferers are currently turning to an organic diet as a natural treatment for colitis, sometimes in combination with other treatments. Since the cause of colitis is unknown, and since not one treatment method cures all sufferers, it makes sense for those with colitis to at least try cleaning up their diets by eating organic.

What Are Organic Foods?

Organic foods are those grown without harmful chemical pesticides and herbicides. Proponents of organic foods as a natural treatment say that removing toxins found on food can make a big difference in keeping the body healthy.

Many fruits and vegetables, and other foods, are sprayed with harmful chemical pesticides and herbicides in order to keep bugs off of them. Sometimes food growers spray these chemicals in order to maintain bug-free crops that won’t be severely damaged, since they depend on the crops’ income for their livelihood. Often, the chemicals are only applied to keep fruits and vegetables looking good, because some consumers won’t buy food with even small bug-produced blemishes.

In either case, organic produce companies are showing that it is possible to grow fruits and veggies without resorting to the use of hazardous chemical pesticides. Since pesticides and herbicides are meant to kill (albeit small creatures), including these substances in your diet is something that you might want to reconsider.

The Dirty Dozen

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) produces a list of the “Dirty Dozen” fruits and vegetables that are most heavily sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. These are the foods that you might want to avoid and choose organic versions of.

Organic Foods and Colitis

When you’re looking for a natural treatment for colitis, it makes sense to eat organic fruits and vegetables and to avoid putting anything toxic into your gastrointestinal tract. Whether or not pesticides and herbicides help to cause colitis is unknown. However, if you’re already suffering from an irritable bowel disease, keeping the foods you put into your gut super-clean may be what’s needed to avoid further irritation. Many colitis sufferers have already reported healing due to what they suspect is their organic diets.

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