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New Product Terrain Omega Beyond Organic

New Product Launch date May 2, 2013

What follows is not a formulation- it is an innovation or more aptly described, an invention. It is taking two already great concepts and marrying them in a way that has never been done before.
I call it Terrain Omega, and before we get in to the particulars of how it came to be, I think you need to know what it can do for you! Read More…

A Game to Learn About Probiotics!
Microwarriors – The Battle Within Promotes use of Probiotics

Los Angeles-based Health Points Productions believes that people need to know more about probiotics, so the company has developed a game promoting education about the science of it all and the use of it in a game called “Microwarriors: The Battle Within.”
Read More.

Did You Know…

  •     If you tend to get injured more often on one side of your body than the other, it may indicate that you have an underlying imbalance or asymmetry in your body- perhaps one caused by repetitive daily activities or habits.
  •     Eating chocolate slims the waistline. Recent finding: People who ate about one ounce of chocolate a few times per week had a lower body mass index than those who consumed less of the treat.
  •     Having a lively social life is good for your health, and it’s particularly important as you age. People with no close emotional or social ties are three times more likely to die over a nine year period, according to a Harvard School of Public Health Study.
  •     A daily multivitamin reduces cancer risk in men. In one study of male doctors over age 50, the risk reduction was small (8%) but statistically significant. However, the same study found that a daily multivitamin did not cut the risk for heart attack or stroke. Ask your doctor if you would benefit from a daily multivitamin.

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