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New Product Colief Infant Digestive Aid

Are You and Your Infant Suffering From Colic?

If so, your baby could be lactose sensitive. Here’s what can provide relief…Colief Infant Digestive Aid. This product is known as magic in a bottle. It has been shown to help reduce colic-associated crying time caused by temporary lactose intolerance in infants. Whats unique about Colief is that it can be added to infant formula or breast milk.

Colief Infant Digestive Aid What Does Colief Infant Digestive Aid Do?

Colief is a lactase enzyme dietary supplement that is added to infant milk (formula or breast milk) before feeding.

The active ingredient in Colief is lactase, a safe and natural occurring enzyme that aids in the digestion of lactose (milk sugar) which is produced within the small intestine. This helps when babies are sensitive to lactose. 

Soothe your infant by adding Colief to baby’s milk during breast feeding or formula feeding. Click here to purchase.

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