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Natural Cures for Ulcerative Colitis

If you’re looking for natural cures for Ulcerative Colitis, you might want to consider taking prebiotic supplements and probiotic supplements. These natural treatments for colitis are gentle on the body, and they work to bring the body back into a natural state of balance.

Many people who take prescription drugs to cure ulcerative colitis complain that they experience added symptoms with this treatment. They sometimes feel pain in other areas of their body, they come down with different digestive issues, or they experience discomfort that’s worse than that which they felt from their original condition.

For those who don’t like the idea of using a prescription drug for colitis, prebiotic and probiotic supplements can be a good alternative.

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics supplements are beneficial strains of bacteria and yeast that help the body fight off overgrowths of bad bacteria in the gut. Excessive bad bacteria, in quantities that outnumber the good bacteria, can lead to digestive issues like ulcerative colitis.

Good bacteria is naturally present in the body. However, sometimes they decrease in numbers, or are destroyed completely due to antibiotic use, extreme stress, or poor diet. To replace friendly bacteria, one can eat foods naturally rich in probiotics. Foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, fermented soy (tempeh), and yogurt naturally contain probiotics. In addition, live-strain probiotic supplements can be found in pill, powder, or liquid form.

What Are Prebiotics?

Prebiotic supplements are not bacteria or yeast but rather plant-based fibers that offer benefits for the digestive system. Prebiotics are substances that provide fuel for the friendly bacteria in the gut. They give the good bacteria the nourishment needed to combat, and outnumber, bad bacteria in the digestive system.

If you’re considering natural cures for ulcerative colitis, speak to your doctor about taking probiotic and prebiotic supplements. Many people with ulcerative colitis have found healing, and long-term good health, by using these natural ulcerative colitis treatments.

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