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Managing IBS With Probiotics

Managing IBS with Probiotics

Being unable to function because of Irritable Bowel Syndrome isn’t an option. After all, you’ve got a life to live! Using probiotics to manage symptoms is one of the most common ways to help IBS patients avoid crippling pain.

A regular probiotic schedule helps the digestive tract maintain normal, healthy bacteria and should help to process food and nutrients without causing pain or discomfort. VSL#3 is one solution to keeping up with a good, healthy probiotic routine. The VSL probiotic capsules contain eight strains of live, freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria to help with digestive health.

But simply using probiotics can’t take care of everything. Managing IBS is a lifestyle and you have to be dedicated to it. Here are some tips to living with and managing IBS.

Stay Calm.

Don’t worry about eating the wrong foods and making yourself sick. While each person is different, you should know your body and your diet preferences. Know which foods to avoid and which ones aren’t going to make your stomach upset. If you’ve taken the time to experiment and have a list of foods to avoid, then stick to it and stop worrying. If you’re trying something new, be prepared just in case it triggers an upset stomach. Stress can also add to IBS flare-ups and cause an episode, so relax and try to stay calm.

Talk About It.

Being able to vent is a healthy way to deal with emotion and that can be a great stress reliever too! Finding the people who you can talk to is a key way to dealing with IBS and feeling like you’re not alone. Online chat groups and forums often have people giving tips and tricks or just sharing experiences. And if you’re not comfortable turning to the Web for help, you can always speak with a counselor or doctor to help manage your symptoms, anxiety and stress.

Drink Water.

One thing about taking an oral probiotic supplement is it gives you the reminder several times a day to hydrate yourself. Try to drink one glass of water with every capsule you take. Drinking water is the best option for hydration during the day since other drinks have miscellaneous ingredients that can cause discomfort, especially drinks with caffeine.

Combining VSL#3 probiotic capsules and a healthy lifestyle can help you live a comfortable life without being stopped by IBS.

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