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Why Korean Ginseng is Better

Do you know why Korean Ginseng is Better?

    • Panax is the most common type of ginseng used and is called Korean Ginseng.


    • Also Korean ginseng has more health promoting ingredients than any other ginseng.


    • The most recent research shows that the key active ingredients in panax ginseng are saponins which are known as Ginsenosides.



    • What makes it important is that it has a greater diversity of medicinal qualities than any other of the types of Ginsengs.


    • The protein containing polysaccharides found in Korean ginseng is known to strengthen the immune system which is helpful in having resistance against disease and so encourages a longer and healthier life.


    • Korean Panax Ginseng has more Germanium than any other known plant. The significance of this is that Germanium is considered by many researchers to be one of the most powerful natural detoxifying compounds known.


    • Panax ginseng is an effective stimulant that relieves fatigue by stimulating the nerve cells.


    • Korean ginseng’s ingredients like Rb and Rc, along with other saponins have been shown to support cardio-vascular health when taken over a longer period of time.


    • Panax ginseng is a good choice as a daily tonic. It is know to increase stamina and immunity as well as maintain optimal health.


  • Korean Ginseng is also a great stimulant and stress reliever. It can give you a feeling of regeneration after a tedious work day.*

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