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Is the Key to Mental Health in your Gut?

Gut Health and Mental Health

We know the gut is responsible for a lot of our functions but did you know that it is the main conductor of the brain.

We are learning more every day how critical it is to have a healthy gut. We have some of the latest findings about the microbiome to share with you.

For one thing the bodies critical brain chemicals are produced in the gut.

How we respond to stress, our outlook on life and even our food cravings are affected by our bodies ability to produce and balance serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine.

What is the gut brain connection?

We sat down with microbiologist Kiran Krishnan, and he explained just how these trillions of bacteria in our gut affect our mental health. Kiran explained how these happy brain chemicals known as the “feel good” transmitters are produced in our gut.

Krishnan has been studying the gut for the past 12 years, and has several clinical trials running which study the role of our gut flora on our systems.

He says that 95 % of our dopamine is produced in our gut along with a vast majority of serotonin, norepinephrine and epinephrine. It’s this careful balance of chemicals responsible for brain function that effects our every day life in so many ways.

What functions of the brain are controlled by the gut?

    • mood
    • energy levels
    • motivation
    • attention
    • pleasure
    • alertness
    • compulsions
    • addictions

It’s only in recent years that we have begun looking to psychiatric research about how our digestion and microbiome affect our mental state. When these chemicals are out of balance they can contribute to depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, spectrum disorders and syndromes. The more abundant and diverse our microbiome is the better chance we have of keeping these neurotransmitters in check. Consider adding our human strain, bacillus probiotic to your daily routine or taking a microbiology analysis test to find out where you stand.

Kiran KrishnanCheck out the Good Gut Solution series with our guest Kiran Krishnan. It features the latest research and findings from Kiran’s trials on the Microbiome and the Bacillus strain. We just released the first interview of our 7 part series. Click here to see what Kiran has to say.

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